Keep a thankful journal for your spouse

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  1. Get a notebook, each day write down something from the previous day that you're thankful for about your spouse. Also tell her each day what you're thankful for (I forget that part). When the notebook is full give it to her as a present on a special day. It can also serve like a "remember when" for her. But most importantly, it keeps her at the forefront of your mind.
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  2. I like the direction of this idea.
    Been doing a lot more with her in mind.

    Prepping her coffee, doing house chores more,
    Picking up more slack in things.

    Although service isn’t high on her list.
    I think she likes this and mentions it, too.
  3. This is a good idea. A variant of this I did (remembering something similar she had done for me long ago) was filling up a jar of "I love you's". Little things I'm grateful for, or I just like about her. She's then free to take one out and read it whenever she has the mind to.
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  4. I like that;
    a sweet thing.

    Kind of a cookie jar.

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