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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Jammy9600, May 29, 2019.

  1. Jammy9600

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    Need help in quitting porn in always seem to relapse 2 weeks in and binge until I'm fed up, I feel exhausted, tired and ashamed I keep falling back on porn. Anyone have any useful tips in trying to rewire my brain/habits?
  2. Black Lab

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    Hi there. I'm sorry to hear your plight. From experience i can tell you the first few weeks without porn/masturbation are the toughest so don't be to hard on yourself. Focus and give it another go. My only real tip i can give you is to not let sexual thoughts or imagines into your mind because once you let them in you will end up where you are now. Also instead of focusing on two weeks without porn or three weeks etc why don't you focus on today. Say to yourself my goal is to go 24hours without looking at porn. When you achieve that goal focus on another 24hours etc etc. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and these small steps add up to large steps. Finally you need to work out why you are relapsing after two weeks. What is your though process leading up to the relapse? Maybe write you thoughts down on a daily basis to see if there is a pattern. It's hard i know and the truth is i don't think you ever beat this thing even if you are clean for 6 months or 1 year or 10 years. It's always lurking inside you. But you do have the power to say no as You control you. Goodluck and don't give in if it's truly what you want to do.
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  3. ledener

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    Whenever comes the urges, follow this two steps: cold shower followed by a walk outside to see people.
  4. trust d process

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    I support @Khepera, u need to change your daily routines. At times when i wake up and just lie on the bed watching whatsapp status and later end up on youtube, what happens next is porn. I have never relapsed when throughout the whole day am productive. When you are lazy there is a sharply fall of dopamine and the brain wants dopamine so it will want to watch porn. But when u exercise daily and do productive stuff your dopamine level will always rise so your brain will not need porn. This is true bcos when i vacated and worked for 11 hrs Monday to Saturday, i never relapse for 3 months because when i came back home each day from work, i would feel this dopamine rush. But when school reopened and i had 4 days of the week off and just being at home with no friends and watching tv all day, i couldnt last for a week. So change your circumstances and you will overpower this life-costing addiction.
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    First of all you need to understand that watching porn just makes you a slave of it.Being a slave of some one is awful.You need to keep that in mind.If you have an aim of getting things back on track,prepare a goal.(NOTE:I am not promoting to do M,read it till end. )Goal should be like i will only masutrbate after 10 days.If u set this goal go do it.Now you had a streak of 2weeks its ok.Good thing you relapsed.Now make your goal 4 weeks and do this shit again.When you do M in way without watch porn you will surely start to feel like "I had a 4 week streak,yet I did it and I feel like a doche beautiful my life was..and now what....Should I do it again.Should I ruin the joy of NoFap.Should I be a slave to someone."This feeling will make you stay out from it..Instead I am making you to stop this misery by makeing you feel that doing M is just a waste.This is how i stopped for 1 month before i turn back to it. everyone say....
    • Dont think about sexual scenes in mind.if you think for more than 3 sec..its over.
    • Slap on your face if you get any thoughts.
    • Workout daily.
    • If you have energy left, workout till you think you can raise a finger(only at emergency)
    • Cold bath.
    • Talk to your loved ones.
    • Build up a talent.(you are not born with talent.its build on hardwork and dedication)
    • Be an active fapstronaut ,welcome new members,give support to people with urges.
    • Touching your genitals is a big no no.
    • I/you/everyone over here was a fapper. we all know how it feels what it would happen if we fap.give suggestions to others with difficultiy in nofap community.

    Freedom to do what you like is good.
    If the good can hurt you it is bad.
    Freedom to do bad is being a slave of your own
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  6. OnTheEdge

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    When you get 2 weeks in again, tell yourself "Do I really want to feel like I do when I've relapsed again?". Think of it as you have completed 2 weeks of recovery from the addiction and if you relapse, you risk undoing that hard work.
  7. jeanmi13

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    I try to quit porn too.
    The thing I am trying to put in place is to identify the situations where you are prone to go on porn and to stay away from them.
    For instance, I know I am like to take my phone during the night and go on the internet, so I put my phone away from my bed !

    So yes, maybe try to identify what situations makes you go on porn and try to evict them.

    Hope it helps
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