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  1. I am I think on Day 5 or possibly 6 of my current streak and going well and feeling strong! I am resisting any urges to touch my dick at all (thanks for that advice) and I am looking into getting an Accountability Partner....I am realising that masturbating without P only seems to eventually lead to using P again so it's time to ditch any touching and just go 'hard mode'

    Can anyone explain what a rebooting means please?

    My aim is to get to 20 days then increase to 30 and keep building from there. I know I need a lot of support so an AP will be a good move for me.
  2. Woohaa I'm up to 8 days and still feeling strong and motivated. staying away from any touching myself which is helping and keeping my mind focused on other things and trying to be productive. Only 2 more days until 10 days then I can move forward towards 20!
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    What are they and any tips against them?
  4. Ok Fapstronauts I've made it to 11 days now...I know 11 days isn't really that much at all but it's still worth celebrating and I have had 0 urges so far and I'm still very much heeding the sage advice to keep my hands away from my dick as this causes a lot of problems lol! Only 9 days to go until I reach my first target of 20 days....still planning on requesting an Accountability Partner also. Peace to all
  5. I am now to 16 days...there have been very small moments when I've almost slipped up but mostly been feeling very strong and motivated to keep going on this long streak
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    I would agree with StarRider when he says you shouldn't do it in the hope of getting a girlfriend, because you might get disappointed and just give up. And although no PMO may indeed help you get more intimacy, then you might just become dependent on having a girlfriend, don't you think the main goal should be that you are no longer a slave to any of those desires (PMO, Sex, etc.) And to be able to live without shame and guilt, to gain self-respect and honor knowing that you don't indulge in the things that you don't deem worthy?
    That said we all have different reasons for living PMO free and if you don't actually feel bad about PMO then it's alright for you to just do it for better social life, I just don't want you to be disappointed if it doesn't work out.

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