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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by noonoon, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. noonoon

    noonoon Fapstronaut

    keep finding myself searching p and justifying it by not m. Argh! I’d reset my counter only I don’t think it’d do any good.
  2. Lau

    Lau Fapstronaut

    Bro stop searching you know will regret it and you hate reseting that counter. You don't need that s### in your life.
  3. noonoon

    noonoon Fapstronaut

    I done fucked up. Relapsed. Sorry guys. Why? Good day today. Amazingly good day. Three beers tonight. Been getting closer and closer based on periodically watching porn. Tonight I just let myself watch and watch. Pretty soon I thought I could o without touching myself. I couldn’t. Back on it tomorrow.
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  4. Tryingto

    Tryingto Fapstronaut

    We all know this happens, @noonoon. Be kind with yourself tonight. Be gentle and, in the very same breath, honest. I look forward to seeing you back at it...
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  5. I think it's a worthwhile exercise to reset the counter when you've reset/relapsed. It's no fun - and that's the point of it.
    That's the spirit! I'm doing the same.
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  6. And yeah, I keep wanting to watch porn, too. At all but the best part of my streaks, I still want it, bad.
  7. ac1909

    ac1909 Fapstronaut

    Youll have certain periods of days in your reboot where the urge to want to watch again is strong. i STRONGLY advice you figure out the places or situations where you absolutely know you will be triggered (ex: coming home after a long say at work to check your social media in bed) and AVOID those situations. Its way harder to prevent a relapse when youre in that situation and a ufge strikes than when youre doing something else

    Your brain is accustomed to certain situations that lead to relapse and it wants that. So force yourself out of those situations
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  8. Thanks for this man. Direct no nonsense messages always win and it totally motivates me to not reset my counter either!
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  9. Always remember how strong you are no matter what may reset, the best part about this site is that we never lose faith in one another. I know you got this! My current streak is facing the same obstacle, and it's a hard obstacle to beat. Boredom is my main problem and each day I'm trying to kick it hard out of the way.

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