Keeping Yourself Busy will help you defeat the addiction easily!

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Hamza Ji, Jul 23, 2021.

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    Hello everyone,
    Hope you all are doing well and are fighting the enemy that's inside you. I am now 100% free from all of the negative effects and addiction. I am posting this thread just to help most of the friends who have the problem of going back to PMOing again and again and they have no idea what to do and how to help themselves.

    Dear friends please don't worry about this, I have also experienced such situations and thoughts that would result in destroying my motivation and relapses. But I learned one thing from it that the only thing that'll help you get out of this continues cycling addiction process is to keep your brain busy in different kind of activities!

    Yes, the solution was that easy! I just learned and followed this one thing and believe me I'm now living a very healthy and happy life and I'm very grateful for everything.
    I thought most of my friends would not be having an idea about keeping themselves busy and maybe they start keeping themselves busy by playing video games, PUBG, Watching movies, hey wait.... No, no I didn't mean that. And I don't do that. I do something outside that zone bro. By investing your time, keeping yourself busy I simply mean to live your life! And how you live your life? I'm going to help you using a YouTube channel that I have started just for you people, where I'm not a lecturer and talking about do's and don'ts lol. I am sharing everything I do in my free time, yes. It's easy for you to watch it, feel the way this brings happiness to our minds, feel the sound coming from the things I do(lol, it's not a music channel but I'm guaranteeing you that the audio will make you feel better).
    Here's my channel link:
    Please subscribe it so you'll get a chance to see more of such healthy stuff!( Don't think like its a health care channel :/ )
    See you there!
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