keeps relapsing at all time!!! Am I a loser???

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by jared_lok, Mar 6, 2018.

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    I'm 21 and I'm a college student. i have to deal with ton of assignments everyday and used to be stressed out so easily. I started to fap when I feel the stress, I tried many different ways to solve this but the problem keeps repressing me......I hate myself, why can't I get the hell out of it? Dear fapstraunouts, please help me out!!!!
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    Thats pretty normal... what is the reason why u want to stop this? Do you even have any?
  3. No you’re a fighter because you’re on here. I relapsed over five years to get where I’m at now and even then I’m not safe and have to be vigilant at all costs. Although I know myself know I never want to return back to that life it will cost too much.
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    Ever Tried reaching out to God??
    It really helps man..
    Here's a Trick I Use:
    A Place a Bible in the Place where I mostly get into Pornography and Masturbation.. The Bible Definitely makes me think twice.. Try it My Brother
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  5. All we know how difficult is this.

    But if you want to crash the cycle.

    Must reading all the time here the other stories.
    With this you understand the stages away from porn addiction and you will be ready for everything.
    You must read and understand the changes witch created in our brain from the porn. (Read about dopamine and porn). With this you understand the difficulty and why we can't stop it so easy.
    You must learn from your old relapses the reasons for relapse and don't do again.
    Need find other things to keep you brain busy.
    Need writing every day your personal blog here. With this you will be focus to your target. Don't forget why are you here and what it your target . FOCUS

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