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    Hi , I’m new to Nofap and looking for support from others on this journey. I was in SA 12 step group for 10 or more years and had 9 months of hard sboriey, no sex with self or others and no porn. The past 8 years I’ve been in a cycle of defeat with porn and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to give it up and get a life where I feel alive and thriving and doing what I love free from my addictive behaviors and porn!

    Do people do daily check in to support each other on their goals ? I’m 4 days clean today and working on a 40 day period one day at a time now.

    Just wanting to get out of myself and connect with others on this porn free journey!!!
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    Welcome to the group. people often post journals in the age-appropriate categories, or uncategorized if you don't want to say your age. I have a journal there as well. People comment on an offer you support. Welcome again.

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