Keto, A Girlfriend, and New Job. You can have the same rewards!

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  1. I am not really a new year new me kind of guy. I am a very self-motivated lets get going strive for the top or nothing kind of person. I have been 25 days clean away from Porn and I have never been more happy and productive as I have now. Here are rewards that have come from abstaining from porn and masturbation.

    1.Confidence is through the roof.
    2. No Guilt, Shame, Fear, Or Anxiety.
    3. I'm getting my body back ripped and healthy after surviving cancer and turning to the ketogenic diet.
    4. My faith is back stronger than ever before.
    5.I have a beautiful (I mean beautiful girlfriend now)
    6. I am working a job based off my field degree of marketing.
    7. I currently work 3 jobs now all of which I enjoy.
    8. I am currently saving more money now cause i'm not spending it on chatroom sights and crap.

    It's all about taking control going after what you want. Realize you're not a nobody, you're not a machine, and you're not a robot.
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    Appreciate the post, man! Keep it going!!!
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    Im very glad about you man! For real keep strong you are great!
  4. That's really inspirational to me! Any advice for us that are still having a hard time figuring this out?
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