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  1. Hello guys!

    The forums should have a:
    • Nonsense/chill subsection
    • Forum Feedback subsection
    • Religious sections (I'm a Muslim, and I've seen lots of Christians here identifying as Christians, and I think that's great! Admins need to here these out and recognize that identity is important to people! Everyone on NoFap has similar goals, so identities help create closer relationship in the internet world where everything is distanced by a username and a computer screen)
    • Married/single/Family/Jobless/Employed sections - why? Because the lifestyle of such people is SOO different man! Honestly, when those things happen, when you get married, your life changes. Sometimes people want to be able to connect with other people in the same boat as them. Or sometimes, people who are married and stressed out, may want to give advice to singletons or seek advice from them too! And guess what, such a categorization is a lot more conducive to community building then categorizing by age 20-29 or 30-39.

    What do you guys think?
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