Kicking 15+ years of PMO

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  1. I signed up for this literally a couple of hours ago. I'm very new here so I still have a lot to learn about how to navigate this website and what the general culture is like. I am rebooting not only for Catholic reasons, but for health reasons backed by science: like having a good sex life with my soon-to-be-wife, better confidence, emotional control and physical strength.

    I'll get right into it.

    Male. I've been hooked on pornography ever since I was about 12 and I am now 27. I only started making bold decisions to quit about 3 weeks ago. (I've tried years before, but I want to keep the story simple).

    Here's what I've done so far:
    • Assembled two of my guy buddies as accountability partners. I update them every day about this, alongside other aspects of life that we keep an eye on: physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual
    • Engaged a Catholic registered therapist whose specialty is porn addiction. Our third session is coming up on Saturday.
    • Downloaded Covenant Eyes (heard of it?) on all of my devices which my buddies have access to.
    • Let my partner know about my mission to quit. She is overwhelmingly gracious and supportive.
    To date, I am 2 days without PMO (Porn, Masturbation or Orgasm). I have only viewed pornography once in 2 weeks, which is a huge leap from my 5-7/week history.

    I posted a journal entry in the 25-29 age bracket forum page.

    Nice to meet you all
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  2. Welcome Friend.
    Good for you seeing the benefits to actually committing to nofap.
    I also signed up to the forums only a few weeks ago I had used covenant eyes for a bit but I didn't have the right kind of phone so it wasn't supported so I've switched to ever accountable but anything that keeps you accountable will be good as I believe sin loses its power when brought to the light.
    I personally have realized there are many reasons for doing nofap some are genuine scientific reasons and spiritual and also for personal growth I don't think we as a people are really educated on how terrible the effects can be on us we can become like a shell of the person we where made to be.
    I am confident again, I don't feel the shame and guilt which was getting between me and God and I just feel free again.

    Do this for you from the perspective that you will grow into the man you are to be.
    Recognize that it has been harming you.
    Understand that by quiting you can grow into a mature husband that puts his wife first.

    Porn is not something anyone should take into a marriage as a wife will struggle with guilt and shame as much as we the user does as well. But the world has got us convinced it is OK I think you as a learned man understands the scientific reasons to clean up.
    All the best!
    You've got this my friend wait till your a week or two into it the whole world gets a little brighter. And find the page that talks about the flatlitne and timeline of pmo withdrawal been helpful for me our bodies go through a strange adaption to quitting. Stay in the fight your in the right place be honest be open and don't be afraid to ask anything!
    A little time and the idea of it does start to go away.
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    Hey man,

    God never closes a door without opening a window right? Was just gonna post my first entry and found yours - funny.

    34, new Catholic covert. Pretty devout - single, thinking about consecrated life, pretty serious PMO addiction since 13/14 years old. 34, soon to be 35 this fall. Was thinking about getting some accountability guys together. Congrats on the first step.

    Man does temptation know my name and have my number on speed dial. For what it’s worth, I’ve had a lot of Grace and help by saying my Rosary (the full Rosary) four times a day for the last three weeks. I’ve been slowly able to get out of the porn but still falling into the MO like once a week. Ugh.

    about a week is the most I’ve made. Still find myself glancing at crap images on my phone and dwelling on impure thoughts/euphoric recall. Lots of prayer/distracting myself. Anyway, trying to go to mass often, communion and weekly or bi-weekly confession.

    This site seems to have a lot of science too which is pretty awesome. Good luck man!

    Keep up the good work!

  4. The community is quite diverse which is neat very supportive over all.
    I'm a christian myself and I felt God saying a few months back 'when are you going to grow up?' In relation to porn that thought sort of stuck with me and has been quite convicting and then there is the scripture draw near to God and he will draw near to you.
    I believe if we continue renewing the mind eventually the bad stuff that has plagued us for years well sin starts to lose its grip once its brought into the light.
    Would recommend a trusted accountability partner and then keeping log on here.
    And keep pressing into God he is ultimately the one who will deliver! Welcome mate all the best.
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    Amen brother!

    Thanks a lot - I agree. The more we press into Hod and the faith all the better. But it seems the more closer we get to God the more harder that prick devil tries. That’s a good sign tho.

    Keep up the good fight. Stay in touch mate!

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  6. chase34 & Henryforward, so nice to hear your words of encouragement. Also thanks for making me feel like I'm not the only one in this and you guys get it.

    I'll be sure to look at those resources.

    God bless

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    porn is the thing which have so much bad impact on our lives , please be comitted on your goal to NoFap and one day we will nofappers
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