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Would you want your kids to read your journal here on NoFap?

  1. I've already shown them or plan on showing it to them.

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  2. It would be great if they did since they'll know me even better.

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  3. I'm not bothered either way.

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  4. Absolutly not! It would be devastating if they read it.

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  5. I'm going to delete my journal now. I don't my kids to know about this sort of thing.

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  6. Not sure.

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  1. Whether you're a PA or SO would you want your kids to read your journal? Does it scare you that they might come across it someday? How would you react if they told you they read it?
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  2. Queenie%Bee

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    I would be devastated. The things I say on here about their father are RAW in the moment emotions and LITERALLY can fluctuate day to day . What happens in the dark of my marriage is none of their business, until it needs to become that .
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  3. HonestyMatters

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    Absolutely would not want them to see it. Perhaps once it's served it's purpose I will delete everything so they don't come across it one day....
  4. I think once they are adults I wouldn’t mind them reading. So much knowledge is lost as each generation keeps its secrets from the kids. I wonder so much about the lives of my grandparents.
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  5. cH33SE

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    I do not yet have kids but want to give my input.

    I would not share my journals with my kids as the other members mentioned this is RAW and in the moment. What I do hope to do is correct the wrongs I have done in my life by equipping my children with the knowledge that I have learned through this process.

    I started using porn at the age of 8 so would not want to keep it from them until they are adults.
  6. I can see both sides.

    I have some AA speaker tapes
    of family members
    in my fathers generation.

    Very illuminating.and sobering.
    Embarrassing at first,
    But after the deep shame is passed,
    See Brene Brown,
    Maybe the good done
    And creative lesson presented
    Could be so helpful to a young adult...
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