Kill lust instantly. ***.. you need to realize that women look completely different without makeup

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  1. I think a lot of the fakeup pics are the lighting and a bunch of filters. That's why they look totally different. It's crazy how a bunch of women look like a dude without fakeup on. It's scary you could literally wake up with Freddy Krueger laying next to you in the morning

    They out here lying about their appearance. They are basically just downright catfishing you. My point is not to hate on women, but to make you men realize that women at the end of the day don't actually look like what you think. Its a total deception, and honestly if you want to kill your urges quick, then just google women without makeup. Here are two examples of the so called most beautiful celebrities
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    I actually prefer women without makeup, shows they are comfortable in their own skin, is just more attractive, and real.
  3. You know what @goodnice 2.0 I think you may have a point. But I'll take it a step further.

    If women without fakeup look like dudes ...

    ... and if "dudes" with makeup look like this:


    Then all that's left is for us to admit we're all gay hahahaha

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  4. yo is that samantha lux?
  5. Hell yeah baby, u stan her too?
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  6. ofc bro, passing without makeup is like my biggest dream rn
  7. Well then I officially declare you as passing!
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  8. yoo thanks you just made my entire day (wich is kind of a late call since it's 11 PM but STILL)
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  9. Well I'm happy to make the last hour of your day lol
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    They look gorgeous even without makeup.
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    This post is spiritual in nature, just a heads up. This concept is actually a powerful method that Guru's teach Brahmachari's (men striving for spiritual purity and celibacy) to take their attention off of the lust of women. They are taught to not be ensnared in "Maya," the illusion of beauty, but to see them as a part of the whole. A part of the divine. They say whenever a beautiful woman has bewitched you, think about the full reality: "which is that she is made of bones, flesh, blood, and excrement. Think of her in old age, or a fit of rage. Think of her as a pile of vibrating atoms. Think of the true reality, which is that in 75 years she is dead." He says: "to see all women with the perception of reverence and love. To see them as incarnations of the divine mother, or to treat her as you would a sister that you loved or cared for." Just my two cents on the illusion of beauty and a bit about Brahmacharya. Best of luck on your journeys gents. Cheers
  12. This thread is dumb but I am going to play anyway. Every women you meet is within 24 hours of her most recent shit and 3 weeks of her most recent period. And if she isn't, odds are you aren't interested in her.
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    I thought there was something uncanny about it, still would be lying if I were to say I don't like it, was slightly hard to believe, took it as a trollish thing.
    But, after reading the following posts and googling, I will just say... vade retro satanas,

  14. Idk, i think Sofia Vergara is still fine even without make up ... I mean, Tyra Banks fine too she's doing okay for her age i was crushing on her as a kid big time

    Point is, they both snacc af

  15. You can't kill one's lust like that. Nobody will watch porn and think of how actresses look without makeup.
  16. That's disgusting. But in my opinion some woman look the most beautiful with out make up, I've personally seen a number of woman who have been 10/10's. Especially my little kitty gal, that looks gorgeous every day.
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    Are you sure the before or after pictures are even the same women? It looks like someone did a cleaver substitution of semi-lookalikes to the celebs.
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    Op is a gay
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  19. Hey! Hey! FD, I was trying to eat, brah!
  20. Makeup is just gross. It's weird. Don't they make it out of petrochemicals?

    Here's a quart of Valvoline, now smear it all over your face!

    Wait, no....make that Quaker State...
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