Kill Switch: The idea to end anything quickly and irreversibly

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What do you think?

  1. I am a user that loves the idea!

  2. I am a user that loves the idea and would like to offer financial support!

  3. I have a leading dev role that wants to integrate this!

  4. I have a leading dev role that wants to integrate this and would like to offer financial support!

  5. I'm not interested or I don't think this is going to work out...

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  1. While searching for the answer myself, I thought to myself "Why is it so difficult to find free, single-user software that has no bad/incomplete judgement and cannot be evaded?" Looking at the requirements list, I soon had a feeling why. It's impossible to judge content with 100% accuracy unless another human looks at it.

    As a software developer, I explored some ideas in my head before coming up with this idea that I'd call Kill Switch. The idea seems 100% doable, but there are some issues I'll come back to.

    About the idea: Kill Switch
    It would be an online service (a "website" if you will) where you can sign up using a username, password, email and phone number. The user dashboard consists of toggles that can be locked for any amount of time, besides the usual fields to change your information. Once locked, there is no way to unlock them until you wait out the time you set for them. There are no passwords to evade, no accountability partners to persuade, no golden time for access and no 300 random character strings to unlock. You can't even create a new account, unless you have another phone number and email laying around that you can verify. (Yes you might have multiple phone number/emails, but after a handful of sign ups, you're done.)

    The dashboard won't only contain toggles for pornography, but also for gambling/stock trading, medicinal websites, alcoholic beverages and even social media.

    Developers only have to add a few lines to read a cookie and redirect to login page or blocked page if necessary. They also need to add a single route (website URL) that can receive data to set a cookie. To some, this might sound complex, but it's super easy and comparable to other single-sign-on systems. The difference is that Kill Switch does not have to be integrated into already existing account/membership infrastructure or need any database tables. I also intend to provide "optional" functionality to prevent adding the login wall right away.

    This "login wall" isn't as obnoxious as it sounds. With caching and refreshable login cookies, you should only have to re-login after you left for vacation or didn't browse websites that integrated Kill Switch for a few days.

    Sounds good, what's the problem?
    Although this wouldn't cost much, as it's just an average web service, it would still be a waste if it doesn't work out. That's why I'm trying to poll the demand for this service. Another problem is that the service has to be integrated server-side, it would take a lot of social awareness for this to lift off. And I'm not sure if that's possible.

    Although I'm currently not interested in more developers to create the project, digital artists, social media supporters and financial supporters are all very welcome. Let me know how you would help if this idea is really happening.

    And for forum moderators: I know about the pinned message saying that threads shouldn't be posted in wrong categories, but there isn't really a software/tooling section and I thought it fit here since it would help the reboot process. Apologies if it's placed in the wrong category.
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    My thoughts are this might be effective in a capitalist market and it would not be difficult to realize demand but ethically it does nothing to address the source of the problem and actually exacerbates it by utilizing AI to overpower human attributes and using brute force to exploit weakness so it would just provoke people to resort to their weakest behavior and that's all the product of a hundred years of influence so far.
  3. English is not my native language so I don't understand everything, but just to clarify:
    - There is no AI, there are no algorithms, there is no brute force. The idea relies on the willingness of server providers to protect their users if they want to. A reason for them to implement it is to remove the guilt and social harassment that comes with controversial sites and their articles.
    - Yes it does not prevent websites that you (and most of this community) consider wrong to exist, but at least having them integrate a possible lock-out system is way more feasable than telling them to stop existing. (Although still far-fetched maybe)
    - And yes, people might be quicker to think "Oh I don't care, there is always this safety net anyways to stop it" making them care less about the dangers. Although I think this disadvantage outweighs by far the advantage of parents claiming emails/phone numbers to control their childrens accounts and to have individuals be able to fully block out stuff.
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