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    I apologize for the clickbait title, but I really need to spread this message as far as I can. Let me tell you a little story about myself: I have always been a "what if" kind of guy who hangs on to the past and daydreams about a perfect future. I've repressed my feelings so hard that I always look mellow and chill when on the inside I'm not. Every person who has met me has had the thought that I'm a heartless person who doesn't give a shit about anything and the worst thing is I've made myself believe that shit. I'm always scared to take action, suffer from a lot of frustration and constantly lack energy.

    Lately I've been working on myself a shit ton, and it's kind of waking up from all the same old crap lifestyle. I've been using my fears to find excitement and do stuff that I have wanted to do for a long time. There's days where I feel great, all positive, great attitude, etc. But it has happened that the next day I wake up and I'm feeling down in the dumps, like all of my energy is gone. At first I thought like ok, I just need to fill my energy tank with a little me time, watching some netflix, playing video games, listening to great music, or whatever. And it worked, for a while. Then I realized that what I was doing was just trying to cover up all of my bad feelings. That all the sadness, anger, fear and frustration where just all covering up in the back of my head.

    The reason I tell you this is because I know a lot of people suffer from the same issue. Sometimes you're not feeling all of those bad feelings, you just feel like there's no excitement, you just want to get over with your day as fast as possible and don't enjoy anything. And I believe I finally got the answer I was looking for: connect with your feelings.

    I realized the real problem wasn't my bad feelings, it was lacking the ability to let them out. What if I told you feeling angry, sad or frustrated is good? I mean really, they're all feelings that we all have in ourselves. And what we do by not letting them out is feeling emotionally fatigued. So the real answer here is, if you are sad let yourself be sad, if you're angry let yourself be angry. What it does is release toxins from your body, the same way you take a dump and pee every day.

    Ok but what does it have to do with unworthiness? Look, the only person who can give you value is yourself. Unworthiness isn't really a feeling, it's a lack of them. Is that realization that sex, money, a partner or whatever you want won't give you satisfaction. If you're not passionate along the way and feel like every process that is heading towards an acheivement is a chore you won't be able to take it anymore. You'll break down. Maybe you're great at making money but don't get any satisfaction from it, or you get the grades everybody wants or the slim body everybody dreams of and there's no fulfillment because you're thinking of what you don't have.

    So whenever you feel like you're having a shitty day, just find that emotional spike, let yourself release all those bad feelings and find a spike of excitement, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you're ok, that you're ok because you're trying. Try to find excitement by getting out of your usual routine and your comfort zone. Try some new hobbies, learn new stuff, meet new people, find a job that you enjoy more, etc.

    Don't let shitty days become a habit.
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    Good idea -- best of luck!

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