Kind of scary what turns life can take

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    The way porn can mould and adapt your brain and how your perceptions can change and become hardwired because of the reward circuitry .

    To go back to the days of clear headed thinking and no addiction

    What age was that for you . I'm 31 and life has never felt so weird when it comes to relationships and sexual urges and porn . I think I'm going back on myself but maturing though a different perspective on life .but I know my younger self was much stronger as in porn addiction hadn't mudded the waters . At my age I definitely hit a milestone when it comes to porn use hasn't everyone in.this day and age .

    But In retrospect and still with addiction it's actually not very clear when that time was and will it ever go back to full strength and no quirks or kinks that I want to leave behind
  2. I’m the same age & been at my recovery for some years now. I like to view it like this- When your shadows don’t over come you, they just add depth to your character. Like a painting.
    Therefore there is no true parallel between what you were then and now. There is only this moment and what you do with those experiences life has given you.
    It has to be this way, we cannot unsee the things we’ve seen, or get those hours back. But we can use them to empower ourselves to be better. Then maybe someday help empower those around us. So that the children have a chance, so the future can have a group of warriors that fights this depravity that’s taken ahold of this world. It’s really about a life we’ll never see for people we will never know.
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  3. The worst part about excessive porn use is what it does to your punctuation.

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