Kinda feel like I passed a test today

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by xonitron, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. xonitron

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    Hey all, been a lurker on the sub-reddit but decided to sign up here and create a few posts as my journey progresses.

    Today is day 21 and something annoying happened, but perhaps it was also a test. I am doing a hard mode NoFap and some friends in my discord posted some known streamer doing you know what.

    I was playing around in rocket league training mode at the same time (have 2 monitors) and it caught my eye and I clicked the link. The link wasn't an easy to distinguish one either, otherwise I probably wouldn't have clicked it. Anyway skipped through it and after 5 - 10 seconds was like meh this is stupid and closed the page and continued with my gaming.

    Basically I feel bad that I actually skipped through the video for 5 - 10 seconds instead of just closing it straight away, but at the same time I feel happy that I closed it, didn't think anything else of it and most importantly didn't jerk off!

    I guess you could also say that I didn't intentionally load up a porn site and seek out porn to masturbate.

    Overall I am happy I haven't jerked off in 21 days and counting. Will hopefully get to 30 days where I want to share something with you all.

    What do you guys think? I hope you're all doing well in your journeys.
  2. Awakening123

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    You better be careful next time before you click on anything. Weeks and months of progress can be erased within seconds if you are not careful enough.
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  3. xonitron

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    Yes, I am going to use some porn blocker software to prevent any mishaps from happening. Hopefully would block the majority of links.

    Hope you're doing well!
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  4. DonGiovanni

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    Careful with dealing with P blockers. Other users have relapsed because of dealing with P blockers and " checking to see if it was working". Maybe you don't need a P blocker, since you were able to handle that well. The skipping, while shouldn't be encouraged, is actually a success story as a whole, since you disregarded it as what it is; Nothing. But be CAREFUL, don't TRUST yourself to be able to repeat that story, and be exposed again to P and try skipping and then closing it. You might just push yourself over the edge. This is not something you achieve on willpower alone, you have to PROTECT yourself. You are your own best interest. Be careful, and good luck!

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