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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Apothecarist, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. Calculas

    Calculas Guest

    Actually life is also a temporary offer m8!

    I would accept that offer.
  2. Not for a Christian believer :)
  3. Apothecarist

    Apothecarist Fapstronaut

    you are really smart brother ;) but you over analyze the things too.
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  4. No broh i just dont :)
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  5. Calculas

    Calculas Guest

    :eek: i wont question your beliefs:D
  6. Hell i would not eat for 2 days if i can make vacation on a tropical island after that for a whole month in the sun even without the girl :D
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  7. sparkywantsnoPMO

    sparkywantsnoPMO NoFap Moderator & Yeoman
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    Will the dream girl want to be there and want to spend time with me?
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  8. Of course she will want, she is your dream girl :D
  9. 2 days no food...annoying but no problem, nice healthyfast now and then is good for the body. 2 days Nofap...well would hope I could hold out but thats why Im here lol.
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  10. Sure you could, you are already in day 5 no?
  11. Haha yea I've been doing well so far...have had my downhill spiral relapses in the past, but yea thanks for the encouragement. Hopefully this fantasy comes true if I behave the next couple days...who knows may get free tickets to the next fyre festivals
  12. What's this?
  13. It was a recent failed event in the bahamas for rich millenials (young adults)...was suppose to be an exclusive weeklong island party with models booze and music and was a complete flop cancelled with people being stranded trying to find a flight home. Some people paid $25K plus for tickets so :p
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  14. Awesome.
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  15. Welcome. Gonna sleep, stay determined my friend!
  16. sparkywantsnoPMO

    sparkywantsnoPMO NoFap Moderator & Yeoman
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    Right now, my dream girl does not love me and wants a divorce. That's why I ask.
  17. What-s_his_Face

    What-s_his_Face Fapstronaut

    I thought it was going to be more of a drawback than that. Not eating for 2 days is easy, but still, I'd say no. Fasting isn't healthy for any amount of time, I've only done it when depressed because I didn't feel like eating or doing anything (years ago).
  18. With my dream man...100%!
    Maybe we could date for a week, we are a perfect match so week 2 we agree to marry, have an amazing beach wedding with all our friends and fams, then they all leave and we spend the rest of the month having our honeymoon!! So worth 2 days of rumbling tummy :emoji_cupid:
  19. stygian

    stygian Fapstronaut

    A lot of people here are underestimating 2 days without food. I have never gone this period of time.

    But I figured out the question. It is an allegory. The 2 days without food represents 1 year without PMO. The one-month on a luxurious island with the dream girl/boy represents one's future life after PMO!! Many don't think they can get by for 2 days without food, just as many don't know if they can get by without PMO. But it can be done!

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