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  1. King743

    King743 Fapstronaut

    I joined nofap a month ago and started a new journey.

    First time was only for a day.
    Second time was only for a day.
    Third time was only for a day.
    Fourth time went for 2 days.
    Fifth time went for 2 days.
    Sixth time for a week.
    Seventh time for a week.
    Eighth time has started today.

    Every time I relapsed I terminated that trigger.
    I terminated the last trigger previous day.
    Now I hope this one will last forever.....

    I have seen the energy-surge in my life after five days and I want that forever in my life.

    I hope you guys will motivate me.
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  2. Acrid

    Acrid Fapstronaut

    Good Luck! I had this problem as well, it felt like I was two different people. One that didn't want to fap and one that wanted to fap. Honestly stay away from Youtube because you may accidentally stumble across a trigger. Try to think of cringe moments you have had around girls and just in general. Cringing usually stops you. Honestly don't even think about fapping, if you think about it, you will do it, if you keep your mind on smth it else you won't do it. Exercise helps a lot as well :) Good Luck on your Journey!
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  3. King743

    King743 Fapstronaut

    Acrid thanks for your guidelines. I will never watch it, I guess I should Uninstall it.
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