King of the Hill

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  1. D4D9C256-C166-4F99-8C85-A4661FFC769E.jpeg Anyone else here love Hank Hill? I grew up watching and it’s become my favorite show over the years. Down to earth, everyday person humor for the most part.
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    I haven't seen it any recently, but I do like the show.
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    I’ve seen every single king of the hill episode about 50 times each. Great show.
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  5. Yeah it's been some time since I've seen it but every time I think of pocket sand and conspiracies I like to giggle to myself. Humor helps so much with the goals of this site, for me at least, I can't speak for everyone else.
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  6. I used to love watching that show on Adult Swim late at night. It is a nostalgic show to watch and a way to just mellow out. Boomhauer is more down to Earth in my opinion. If only America was like King of the Hill...

  7. anyone who hasn't seen this video needs to immediately
  8. What is it it still hasn't loaded for me yet?

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