know how to use super powers gained with NoFap!

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    Ever heard ppl in movies say "something smells fishy " or "I got a bad feeling about this" well those r real feelings and instinct and not just some non sense to set the mood for the movie..for example u mite trip on a pretzel and fall down and on NoFap u will notice ur "friend" is laughing suspiciously hard or a little too long or maybe u drew a nice picture and everyone had something nice to say and sum maybe told u ways to improve it but this "friend" of urs just says straight up its ugly now u see there's nothing wrong with that that's there opinion but that's a way of bringing u down and that's a bad friend if they were ur real friend they wud say its not my taste but maybe someone else wud like it but ur other pictures r closer to my taste see its a big difference pay attention and trust ur super powers gained with NoFap. Another thing u will feel ur friends moods wen u meet them is the mood awkward and full of jealousy and hate or is it calm gentle and compassionate trust these instincts u will notice a lot of things on NoFap and don't just brush them off and say NoFap is getting to my head and u will dream more Interpret those dreams also another thing example u quit drugs and u haven't seen this friend ina while and during that time apart u quit drugs and improved ur ina better mood etc u meet ur friend and they say they r happy for u for quitting drugs then after meeting them u go back home or where ever and ur Friend cant get out of ur mind and also while ur friend is in ur thoughts if u sense a dark energy u can be sure they r mad and sick in the head because u quit drugs we r ina evil society or sometimes those thought bubbles will have more detail
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  2. Agreed.

    Having left behind the destruction of PMO we open up our true selves. Intuition becomes second nature and we can sense things due to a heightened sense of awareness and observation.

    The exciting part is these abilities are not in any way "super". They are just us when we are in tune with us.
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    I read your entire post and it has a lot of truth to it, but i think you might get better reception if you use whole words instead of shortening them. Like u for you and wud for would. It makes sense to short hand like that sometimes but if you want to share something important its better to put the effort into using whole words.

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