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    Assalaamu 'alaikum, everyone. There is something I want to ask your opinion about: What do you think of KPOP? For me, it's hypersexualised due to all the provocative movements and tight or minimal clothing used. In addition, to meet the messed up beauty standards of the public, contracts require KPOP artists to live an extremely regulated and overworked life. This is an obvious fact due to the numerous stars in recent years who've come forward about it (I only read, I don't follow any KPOP stars; I'm not into it) and the various clips of them publicly fainting or vomiting on stage. All in all, KPOP isn't so great in my opinion as it leads the masses into objectification of standards whilst they remain oblivious to it.

    I'm asking because in my school, majority of students love KPOP. Do you think that this itself is a problematic situation? I mean, the only two of my friends out of the people I've discussed PMO with who've actually stopped, express similar ideas to mine. Don't forget, the nature of many of the songs, that are love-oriented which creates a distorted view of love as well because pop music lyrics aren't so great at delivering reality and advice on that topic. You know what I mean. All in all, I'm curious to know your side of the coin. Agree? Disagree? Maybe something else?
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    As we say in America, if you don't like it, don't watch/listen to it.
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    I do not watch it so I do not care.
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    I love it (been a fan for over a decade), but gonna have to cut back because it can trigger me.
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