Lack of Motivation and Severe Urges Impeding my Ability to Focus

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    I have been on NoFap for 17 days now, and I have been having almost constant urges to masturbate, to the point where I can no longer focus on my day-to-day work.

    To provide some context, I started NoFap because I hoped it would allow me to better concentrate on my top hobby, computer programming. I would often feel a quick impulse to masturbate and would do just that, but afterwards felt tired and unable to concentrate.

    After researching the benefits of NoFap, I found a decrease of brain fog and increase in cognitive power to be the most attractive potential benefit to me, and I thought that if I could stick with NoFap, the increased mental clarity would aid me in my computer programming. Additionally, I learned it is important to supplement the NoFap journey with other beneficial activities, such as exercising and cold showers.

    And so I began, pushing through the first few days with little trouble, feeling no severe urges.

    Then on week two, intense sexual thoughts and urges flooded my brain. When I would try to do my programming, I could not focus on the assignment. My brain felt numb, and incessantly distracted. I gritted my teeth and tried to push through it, finally reaching week 3.

    Upon getting to week 3, my urges only increased, and most females I would see on my daily walks around the neighborhood would spark uncontrollable sexual interest. But perhaps the most frustrating of things during this third week was the lack of any noticeable results from doing NoFap. In fact, I would say that NoFap made it *much* harder to concentrate while programming, and focus in general, the important thing to me which I learned that NoFap was supposed to help with. The brain fog I experienced and continue to experience while programming made a once pleasant activity dull and frustrating.

    I proceeded to do some more research on my lack of motivation and severe urges, when I stumbled across "sexual transmutation". The ability to transfer your sexual energy and urges into energy that can be harnessed for other activities (in my case, programming). However, all the sites I visited and all the videos on this topic that I viewed only explained the benefits of transmutation. Not a single one actually explained how to do it.

    To summarize, despite my dedication to NoFap and other helpful practices like exercise, my sexual urges feel so bottled up inside me, ready to burst that I simply cannot focus on my day-to-day work and hobbies. The lack of benefits that I have observed has really killed any motivation I have to continue NoFap. Sexual transmutation seems like a potential solution to reduce the urges I have, but I have no understanding of how to carry it out.

    Can anybody suggest how to reduce my extreme urges, so that I can comfortably concentrate and focus when programming?

    Can anybody explain how to properly transmute sexual energy into my daily tasks, such as programming?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    This reminds me of my first attempts to reach 30 days. After the 15+ day mark, my urges returned with a vengeance. My mind was constantly under assault with sexual thoughts and sometimes I could actually feel the enegry buzzing around inside my chest I was so horny. The only way to combat this is to remove as many triggers as possible. Even Tinder turned into a big trigger for me and would bring on urges.

    The good news is after the 6 - 8 week mark things settle down and the urges have less of a grip over you. The urges will still come but they wont be as potent aslong as you dont indulge them with fantasy.

    The main problem I faced that caused bad urges once I removed all my triggers off social media was girls out and about in the real world. Seeing a girl with a tight pair of yoga pants on would be enough to bring on a strong urge (Seriously girls do you really need to wear leggins so tight we can see the wrinkles in your asshole?), but as my streak increased this became less of an issue over time.

    Stay the course, time is the healer.
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    keep going bruh they are just withdrawal symptoms...
    even i am going through some anxiety cuz of withdrawal...
    the urges are still there for me but whenever i get the urge i just close my eyes and concentrate on my breathing and think about the consequences of PMOing


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