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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by BritishBulldog, Apr 6, 2019.

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    I have long since studied the benefits of semen retention and NoFap, and have tried on many occasions to do it yet I usually relapse after 2-3 days. I lose my rational thought and think to myself “fuck it” and masterbate to porn. Porn blockers don’t work as I usually just delete the app in my horny rage. Afterwards, I always think to myself “why the fuck did you do that? it wasn’t worth it at all”. Can anyone suggest any ways to fend off the urges?
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    Hey man, welcome to the site. I'm pretty new but I think the most important thing is to identify what is your trigger for using porn, then finding ways to eliminate it. I masturbate when I'm bored and don't have anything better to do. Have found that I am able to keep away from it by filling the days with other things (exercise, reading, meditation...).

    Hope that helps, good luck with it.
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    @BritishBulldog welcome to nofap. I am glad you made the decision to help yourself rid of this insidious problem. I think you have gone through enough cycles that you are looking for some serious solutions. Serious solutions require some serious effort and I assure you that you will see results in proportion to your effort.
    As this is going to be a process I encourage you to start a journal in your age group and start posting everyday. That will give you a community and also accountability. By reading and posting regularly here you will see big and small changes you need to make. I also encourage you to study a few books related to addiction and that will give you insight in to the deeper problem which is causing the symptoms of porn addiction. By working on your deeper problems you will be able establish longer and longer streaks.
    I wish you good luck!
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    Welcome! I’ve dealt with urges in a variety of ways.
    1) avoidance- disrupt the combination of time, place and mental state that leads to the point where you succumb; observe the triggers. When they arise, avoid them. This works well to a point. Very important in early stages. Website Blockers, not frequenting some places where the mind gets triggered etc are part of this strategy.
    2) once you’ve gained some distance from the beast, you have to observe and figure out its devious ways. This is observe and counteract stage.
    3) replace those times and places with other fruitful activities. Then the urges weaken.

    They seem impossibly strong and impossible to surmount when you start, but they do weaken with time. There can be a lot of lather, rinse, repeat in this process, so one has to be patient. In the process a lot of crud in the mind will come out. It won’t be pleasant as it happens but it will make you a better version closer to your true intended self in the long run. Good luck!
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