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    This is not my first text on the forum - the first was a response to the user's entry wcyd - he also starts another fight today. I included some information about myself in my answer, don't be angry, but let me include some of it in the current post.

    I come from Poland, I am 30 years old. The last year was totally transparent for me - I was fighting with myself, with my habits, beliefs, extremely low self-esteem, etc. Many of these issues have not yet been overcome, but I am not giving up. Currently I am facing not only nofap challenge. Most of all, I want to finally become a man, fully. The way I should be - because sometimes I have the impression that force majeure does not allow me to be average, but still encourages me to do something more. Fortunately, today I know roughly what this masculinity is - now all I have to do is reach for it. I hope that my presence on this forum will help me to achieve this goal.

    I greet you with hope and sympathy.
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