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  1. Yours, you mean? :)
  2. Dang, I had a long day, so I messed the number :)
    Day 36 (yesterday).
    Day 37 (today).
  3. 37/60
    Kudos for reaching 60!
  4. Day 41... have I skipped one? Day 42, then.
  5. 42/60
    ah, don't worry, it's only you and I, so as long as you don't relapse it doesn't matter if you check or not.
  6. Day 44. I'm joining Last Man Standing 5 too. It lasts shorter - 30 days, so there's another motication.
  7. 44/60
    I wanted too but Im striving to go offline and everyday checking is too much for me. Plus, im also partcipating in lms 4.

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