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    Day 0.

    Please anyone suggest how can i have good sleep, as everyday i am having headache.

    My life has become hell.

    How to change myself from the core? As whenever i chat with a girl or sit next to her, it precum. How to stop this? Please please help.
  2. Try going out and having extensive walks outside or exercise. You will start sleeping and slightly less headaches. But most importantly don't relapse, after a relapse, headaches are constant for me as well.
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  3. Rocky11234

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    I have one deadly problem, like why i precum or get wet when talk to a girl or have sensation that she is near and beautiful.
  4. That is a problem you might want to ask about in a seperate thread, I haven't experienced that so far. What's strange about it is your counter - 113 day. After such a long time I don't think you should have such a problem unless you weren't candid with yourself while counting your days. But like I said, I haven't experienced it so far, so maybe it's worth mentioning in a seperate thread.

    Day 50.
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