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Can you go for 100 days

  1. Sex free that's means ZERO

  2. Porn free of course ZERO

  3. Orgasm and limited contact free from SO?

  4. Life is choices Live Clean thoughts?

  5. Attempted to intentionally get dopamine fix

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Is there room for new members? If so I am in.
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  2. Foxislander

    Foxislander Fapstronaut

    You sir are number 66 welcome and God bless
  3. TheGoldenEra

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  4. Foxislander

    Foxislander Fapstronaut

    You sir have been given the honorary position of number 67
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  5. TheGoldenEra

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    Blasphemy! Lol jk jk, I flicked through some posts and noticed ur quite religious. Isn't it wrong to call people god in Christianity? (I hope you're not offended btw I'm just curious :p)
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  6. Foxislander

    Foxislander Fapstronaut

    Just names btw, labels not religious just have a relationship with God and his son jesus. Thanks for joining and throw in whatever you have to propel inspire and shake up everyone or someone to alter behaviours.
    God bless you
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  7. Foxislander

    Foxislander Fapstronaut

    How about you partner up with me and help me get all the way to 100? Make it happen
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  8. TheGoldenEra

    TheGoldenEra Distinguished Fapstronaut

    You're on 144 days already tho
  9. Foxislander

    Foxislander Fapstronaut

    Help me recruit more towards 100, I have no ending number fo you?
    Don't think I have the metal to make it another 98 for yourself, our abstinence contract is until Dec 22, 2018 that would be 31 days short of that which is at this point no big deal, 275 days I am more than halfway.
    Do you have it in you?
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  10. Foxislander

    Foxislander Fapstronaut

    Simply put with a name like Warrior you got to pick yourself up and go again make a contract with yourself I did the contract I made was before I fapped or orgasm or look at porn I have to slaughter my dick with Icy Hot wait 10 minutes and then beat it off what do you think the chances are that I would go back and do that would you? I'm just saying it works for me you got to give yourself something for you whatever that may be how about give yourself a catheter with a Sonic burger twisty straw LOL
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  11. Foxislander

    Foxislander Fapstronaut

    Midday check in I'm home sick with a cough sitting out in the sun hanging out taking some steroids Albuterol and some cough medicine chilling trying to get better so I can go back to work tomorrow I hope everyone's doing well looks like we're holding up couple of slips here and no big deal they just pick yourself back up and put your boots on and start boxing Soldier it's all about a mindset here it really is I've been reading Caroline leaf on neuroplasticity you can rewire your brain your mind is in charge of your brain your brain is a charger to your body your mind tells your brain and which tells your body what to do and how to do it so most things are conscious choices but you have to start thinking that way and rise above them that's how you rewire yourself after rebooting but I think you can rewire and reboot at the same time anyway for those of you that read the midday check in God loves you he wants you to succeed he wants you to Rise Above This as I Will Rise Above This one day these are all nothing but small hiccups in time God bless you each and let him do the work that your design to do
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  12. pak_assassin

    pak_assassin Fapstronaut

    Day 19 ! or 1 ?
    So the Absolute Worst thing happened .
    After like 16 or 17 days , I Hit the flatline , No motivation to do anything , no sex drive ( Which should have been OK) , and Zero Energy.
    At day 18 , my DAD thought I was a Drug Addict , Because I would just lay around and do nothing.
    This shattered me ! . I Was broken to pieces , I couldn't sleep at night and kept thinking about it. This is when IT ( PORN ADDICTION ) had a thought , " It Wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for NOFAP ! "
    My motivation had nothing to say against it . I was Numb .
    Then IT just happened and I was watching an erotic movie (Not Porn ) , emotionless I was , I never wanted to do it , nor I was enjoying it , but I had no energy to stop it.
    It was just an escape mechanism that I have been using for years and It just kicked in like it used to.
    I masturbated for sometime and got Blue Balls.
    That is when I got back into my senses , I didn't Ejaculate even with the Pain . Closed the movie and Tried to sleep , Which I scarcely got.
    To sum it up , I watched some erotic movie , masturbated , but didn't ejaculate.
    The Thing is , I don't feel like I have Relapsed . It wasn't ME.
    I know It is against the hard mode , and I can change the counter , It's not a problem.
    But I don't Feel like it.
    I am still in the Flatline , It is the worst feeling.
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  13. Foxislander

    Foxislander Fapstronaut

    It's ok you slipped on the banana peel of your duck, just learn from that and move forward God knows your heart
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  14. Foxislander

    Foxislander Fapstronaut

    Me and my wife just created an agreement and it should be said daily until we recover
    Me & my wife reached an agreement to keep me in check 1)states the day number 2)we still need some more work 3) it will be a surprise
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  15. Yes, I can relate to flatline, because that is where I am. It looks like you would be well served to figure out a routine to get your body moving, so as to give you something to do with your body, even if it feels mechanical and somewhat forced. Because this NoFap thing is about taking our life back, and that means a lot of things. One important thing to do is to give our body the message that there is a new day. That can be accomplished by exercise, taking a cold shower, hitting the bed with a whiffle bat, or something, anything that helps sink that message in.

    You have already done some good work. You are correct in not giving yourself a hard time about what you did. That brings on more relapses. Now step up and get creative, using what you learn from this one.

    We all have a lot to learn, I know I do.

    Best wishes to everyone in their NoFap endeavors.
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  16. Foxislander

    Foxislander Fapstronaut

    Now that's what I'm talking about stepping up stepping in and stepping out see how God works right through you booyah
  17. determined488

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    I'm in, how does this thread work? Do we need a camera to post results as we go along this journey? I feel like this is the last chance I have to save my life from PMO addiction and become the greatest version of myself.
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  18. Foxislander

    Foxislander Fapstronaut

    Read the rules apply liberally testimony advise give and receive pray Lead follow you sir are number 68 and try to get others involved service and reaching and teaching out rules on pg1
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  19. ReadyToStop

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