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Can you go for 100 days

  1. Sex free that's means ZERO

  2. Porn free of course ZERO

  3. Orgasm and limited contact free from SO?

  4. Life is choices Live Clean thoughts?

  5. Attempted to intentionally get dopamine fix

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    146th day. All good.
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    You are number 76 welcome aboard post liberally inspire aspire walk away feeling better than you came in God bless you
    Proverbs 24:16
    For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again:
    It's the "perseverance" of us being willing toget up again and seekto do the right thing in Christ.
    He looks upon ourhearts
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    Today is a huge day it's day 150 I just got through totaling up all the numbers I've ever made checking in for the last day and a half you know what that number comes to? Just under 700, that's 700 days of experience people helping everybody else out and helping each other out that is amazing another fun fact is that we're climbing towards 100 we just have a new member number 76 make sure you take the time to welcome aboard. Remember perseverance is definitely something you have to remember here longevity is another thing God chooses in my wife decides when we're going to have sex again and I have to roll with that God bless you each and every one
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    Dr caroline leaf think feel succeed
    Talking to yourself out loud can help youcontrol your thinking, even if it’s just awhisper. In fact, talking out loud enhances yourability to think by stimulating the corpuscallosum (which joinsthe two hemispheres of the brain) to function at a much higher level.7 It also provides extra auditory stimulation to enhance the now-moment experience, and is an excellent way of looking at your thoughts and the feelings they generate before you decide whether or not they deserve to be discarded as toxic or retained as beneficial. Never letthoughts just wander through your mind unchecked. If thoughts are toxic, they can affect your ability to build healthy memories and make you ill. We should never forget that thoughts are real things—they impact brain and body functionality, thereby impacting your quality of life. Toxic stress has even been shown to reduce the size of certain structures in the brain!8 As discussed in chapter 2, daydreaming and mind wandering can be good for you. These moments only become a problem when they are chaotic and unmanaged, because the chaos stops you from benefitting from and enjoying your thoughts. For example, ruminating on the past in a negative way, obsessing on an issue or desire, or shifting crazily and haphazardly between thoughts will steal the joy of the now moment. You need to use thinker moments for and not against yourself through learning to control your thoughts.
    God bless everyone continue to change
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    My journal, updating real time benefits of hardmode pmo on day 150, continuation here is a priviledge and I feel its Gods way of making sure I reach out and assist facilitate others to never ever look at porn, masterbate, and strive to have sex in the covenant of love and not lust. Benefits are
    Delayed self-gratification, self-awareness, selflessness, Focus, ability to read more often and turn Electronics off, to realize how much time we have left in the make the most of it, self discipline, learning how to be kind, learning how to serve others, learn how to be more empathetic, teaching yourself How To Love Yourself, learning how to love others without any return, soaring how to pick someone up when they're down, these are just some of the benefits I've realized myself in the last hundred fifty days many more to follow life is a journey and was in that Journey you have to learn how to make better choices put choices are what drive you and just remember this I'm reading dr. Caroline leaf you can rewire and reboot your brain your mind is in control of your brain, your body is in control of all the physical traits so your mind can do it listen to the spirit of God you can make sure that you can make yourself a new guy to be what God has designed you for
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  7. Day 21 checking in again.

    Realized I needed to keep my hand from resting "down there" as a sort of security blanket. I did that last night/this morning, and got no repeat of the night before (dreamed of Ming). Good!
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  8. Nice. Thanks for posting.
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    NoFap Defender

    good! I'm working on doing the same on my side
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    I'm in. Day 3 in hardmode
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    I'd like to join
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    76 welcome God bless you strive to be a better version everyday
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    Welcome 77 God bless you strive to be a better version of yourself every day
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    Habbit change read and apply God knows your heart show him your true self
    First I want to remind you of these principal things:
    1. You have a bad HABIT. PMO is nothing but a Habit. It's not because you have a low will power, have no control, or even born with this, etc. It's a habit. If you read or watch some research on habit, there is something called the habit loop whichconsist of CUE (TRIGGER), ROUTINE (ACTION), REWARD. You need all three to make a habit, and to replace bad habit, you CANNOT ERASE IT, but you can replace Your routine orAction based on the Cue.
    2. Decision. We all have heard about this that your life is achoice, decide what you wanna do with your life. And this is important. YOU MUST MAKE A DECISION AND FIND YOUR WHY. Make a decision NOT TO QUITPMO, but TO BECOME FREE AND BE WHO YOU REALLY ARE, and all of us here are born to be great. Believe it or not. So, MAKE A DECISION, to be free from thisbad habit NOW AND FOREVER FOR YOUR ENTIRE LIFE, NO MATTER WHAT YOU FELT LATER, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPEN.

    Okay, that's the principle to make you ready for the next steps. Here are the techiniques.
    1. ALL human behaviors are controlled by 2 driving forces, PAIN and PLEASURE (by TonyRobbins). We all here used PMO because we consciously orsubconsciously think that PMO will give more pleasure andmakes us feel less pain. We have to change it arround. How?
    Write down
    a. What would be the PAIN If I Continue this behavior? (Answer as many as you can, make it REALLY2 PAINFUL)
    Please make it really painful and get ready to feel some pain.Make the worst thing possible that could happen if you continueto do this. Make it EXTREMELY PAINFUL! Maybe one of them is to see in your screen that your daughter is being raped by hundreds of man and you watch it on your screen and masturbate on it (I'm sorry if this makes you uncomfortable because it really is for me).
    b. What are the pleasure you get by being free from PMO?
    Write down the positive things you get from being free. See it in the next year, e years, 5 years from now. What would youbecome, what kind of role model, how's your future family, how's your love life, etc.
    Please make it as great as you can, search, write it down,visualize it.

    Answer these questions in A BOOK, not a piece of paper because it could gone missing. Read it DAILY, As often as possible. We need to rewire your brain that it is painful to keep this habit and more pleasure to let go of this habit.
    Visualize yourself too after you read it.

    2. The 5 second rule by MelRobbins
    You could search it on youtube or read her book, it's a really great one. So, the first technique is to reprogram your mind for the long term mostly, and short term too. If you done the first one really2 good, maybe you hardly used this second technique. Here is the 5 second rule by original definition.
    "The Moment You Have anInstinct to Act on A Goal, YouMust Count Backwards 5 4 3 2 1, and Physically Move before Your Brain Kills It"
    So in reboot, you want to use this to CATCH yourself when youwere triggered either by sexual stimuli or stress or lonely (most common trigger). When youcatch yourself WANTING to get back to PMO, Count 5 4 3 2 1 and turn off the phone, the computer, the tv, whatever, MOVE AWAY, REMEMBER WHAT YOU WRITE OR READ THE THINGS IN FIRST TECHNIQUE, and DO SOMETHING GOOD (read a book, exercise, connect with people, meditate, yoga, etc)

    You can use these 2 techniques not only in PMO, but everything in your life. I don't create thesetechniques, i just learn it from the best people arround the world through books videos andaudios.

    Do something anything other than your habbit yo squire a new fresh habbit replace it validate it, let God shine a light on it use that [email protected]!!
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    Let's get to 100 then 200 partner up reach out pmo does not do well in a group alone it works best, get more in here being on your very best of yourself for God And our thread group .....RECRUIT
    I pray heartily for us all
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  17. 7 Days. Very tough, but I managed to stay clean.
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    24 Days
    Getting used to it.
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