Last Movie/TV Show You Watched?

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    Well hey there hi there HO THERE CAMPERS!

    This is a thread where you can tell everyone what movie or show you last watched, or hell that you might even be watching in the present moment while you post about it.

    Just drop the name if you can't find the brain juices to form any notable thoughts about your experience watching it.


  2. Oh ya this thread was directly copied *ERM* inspired (title only the rest is all originality) from the Gamespot forum...

    I'll let someone else take first honours.
  3. Ah fuck it I'll start this son of a person off.

    One of the recent movies I saw was 31 (hey you don't have to post the very last thing you watched could be anything you saw in the recent past).

    No I don't recommend it. I managed to watch all of it but wasn't really impressed tbh. Zombie's movies might be a love 'em or hate 'em type deal but this one wasn't up to par with his previous ones I gotta say. His first two films were probably his best before he lost the touch (that's probably an incredibly biased thing to say) forget the names.....


  4. I'm watching this while I gobble down a boca pattie as I can't sleep, I have it on disc but I guess it's on YouTube and if you care AT ALL ABOUT FROGS YOU DAMN WELL SHOULD WATCH IT THE FROGS ARE DISAPPEARING MAKE THE BAD MEN AND THEIR GREEDY CORPORATIONS STOP KILLING DA FROGGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everyone in the world should see this
    Author: timboytx from Dallas, Texas
    14 August 2012

    NATURE has once again given us an exemplary documentary about the natural world, informing us of the alarming decline of frog populations throughout much of North and South America. The loss of natural habitat, the encroachment of roads, chemical run-off from industry and private homes, as well as the pervasiveness of a bewildering lethal fungus, collectively move a wide variety of frog species quickly toward extinction. The efforts of scientists to understand this collapse--and its effects on the ecosystem--and to turn it around makes for a fascinating hour. As one scientists observes, "This is our only chance to save them."
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  5. Last TV show was Westworld. I LOVED it!

    Last movie if I remember correctly I think was Batman Vs Superman, like a week ago or something. Did not LOVED it, it was entertaining tho still, good for what it wast. Kinda disappointed a little tho.
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    I heard that movie was a disappointment. Westworld I did hear good things about but I doubt I'll watch, no I can confirm I won't get around to it. Very limited time for what TV I watch these days.

    DC is just not delivering with these films man.

    What a travesty Suicide Squad was, like the kind of bad that isn't even watchable. Just plain bad. Not a good kind of bad.
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  7. Deadlihood

    Deadlihood Fapstronaut

    'Paranoid'. BBC + Netflix show. Would not recommend. Nice plot, but underwhelming ending that left me expecting much more.

    On a NoFap note, I don't recall there being any triggers in it.
  8. Deadlihood

    Deadlihood Fapstronaut

    What is Westworld about? Is it on Netflix?
  9. No, not on Netflix. I watched on HBO. It's like a mix between Matrix and Blade Runner. Not a clone tho, it's older than those two. I believe Matrix and Blade Runner might be actually inspired by Westworld. Basically the premise is that there is this theme park with robots (AI) where rich people come to enjoy their violent delights. We are supposed to figure out whether AI is actually sentient and can feel suffering or is just a mindless machine. And whether there is bigger a secret behind theme park than initially meets the eye.

    I liked some of the philosophical aspects of the show. It rises some questions about human consciousness, what is it, do we really have control over our lives or are we are also just a biological machines and the questions about free will, suffering and so on. All that while also cooking up some very enjoyable mystery. Season finale was very satisfying and it did floored me with some plot twists. Anthony Hopkins was awesome too.
  10. It was very unsatisfying indeed. :/
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  11. P.S. Westworld has a lot of naked people. Triggers all day and twice on Sunday! So that's probably something to be aware of. Not AS bad as Games of Thrones, but close.
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    Deadlihood Fapstronaut

    Ah. Thanks for the heads up. Wish shows like that were censored, too! But that would take a lot of work for a small audience...
  13. I don't, I liked them titties! :p
  14. HBO just loves the skin man.
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    But them ain't your titties so what's the point of drooling over what you ain't gonna call your own?
  16. I know I will never have sex with Evan Rachel Wood. :( I know man, I know. You don't have to rub it into my face. :rolleyes:
  17. Well damn man don't shit on yourself my intention if anything other than shocking you out of a sad little habit of oogling women in shows (you can watch that stuff without lusting) was to motivate your ass to get up and do something to bring you closer to a pair of real boobs that want you to protect and nurture dem...
  18. Just watched this last night, didn't quite get my recommendation but it moved along very quickly, really did not have much to offer in terms of plot, it was made by a skilled hand though. Wicked little flick but just wasn't that special man. I mean a simple story can make for a great movie but this ain't that kind of story...

    But hey at least it wasn't trying to be more than it was....

    "Announces itself as an unabashed B-movie from its pre-credits scene ... and never worries itself about being anything deeper than that."

    Overwhelmingly positive reviews on RT the sucker is even certified fresh:

    In a Valley of Violence (2016) - Rotten Tomatoes
  19. Well that was pretty blunt. But you're right! I needed to hear this. You motivated me! I'm pumped now! I should go out and get real boobs! In fact that's what I'm gonna do now! I will call a girl I have a crush on and ask her on a date! Thank you, keep fingers crossed for me! P.S. Does anybody know where can I find a phone number of Evan Rachel Wood?
  20. The walking dead season 6 and westworld.I am really hooked on westworld right now.It's a shame that I might have to wait until next year to see a season 2.

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