Last Movie/TV Show You Watched?

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    Well this might be weard but the last movie i saw was a Taiwanese romantic, comedy movie called Café. Waiting. Love. I was really surprised that it was good, the start was kinda slow but after a while it really gets fun to watch.

    for those that want to see the trailer

  2. Why would you think that is weird?



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  3. A group of normal friends enjoy a normal dinner in a normal restaurant. Nothing about this dinner is strange.
  4. Let's hope we don't see anything close to this in the world during Trump's presidency :confused:

    How I Live Now (2013) - Rotten Tomatoes (there is a sex scene, please warn people of sexual content in something you watched if there's any, and I do hope you choose to discuss your viewing experience or else I mean why are you even watching movies or television lol? I mean if it's not a meaningful experience for you and just some mindless entertainment that you can't even come up with a paragraph to describe what's the point lol a hit of dopamine or escape from reality? It's ok to just drop a title if you just wanna recommend something or say something was good or bad but this thread would be pretty dull if that's all people did. I think I'm at a place where I'm going into the deep end with films and tv in the sense I'm understanding everything one can understand about the mediums of film and tv so as to perhaps stop watching any tv or movies for quite a while as I would have seen enough, at least until I'm dating or with someone in a relationship and we watch things together, but if my friends ask me to go the movies I definitely won't say no to that sorry for the rant.)

    How'd I'd miss this one? Sheesh well I was off the deep end in 2013, life derailed wasn't keeping up with films I can tell ya that much.

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  5. This looks really cute and fun.

    A little too romantic for me. I kind of just want romance in real life right now or not at all, I sure ain't going back to watching romance movies lol had a romcom and romance phase a few years back I went through.
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    Where can I see this with English subtitles?
  7. Legendjerry

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  8. Captain America: Civil War on Blu-ray

    I saw it in the theater in 3D and still liking the film. Great flick!
  9. Westworld does?! :eek:
  10. I'm not a fan or hater Matthew McConaughey but "Interstellar" easy epic. Watched it on the IMAX screen was freaking worth it!
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  11. Makes for great howitshouldhaveended OR HISHE Episodes on youtube though.
  12. Watched ted and ted 2
    Dont know why i never saw them.
    I got a laugh out of it. Who doesnt love a Teddy doing drugs and bagging ladies
  13. Roots
    Episode 1 of the remake.
  14. I liked that Tom Brady scene, though.
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  15. Interstllar reminded me of "a 2010 space oddesy" an old movie and book, both were released at roughly the same time; Just as humanity stepped on the moon.
    Referenced in alot of current sci fi "hello dave"
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    Last movie: Undisputed 2

    Last TV show: Yu-Gi-Oh
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    Just watched The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. I made sure to wear my ceremonial red beanie and down a bottle of wine to get the full experience.
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    The last TV show I watched was : The Walking Dead

    That's the only reason I watch television, other than sportscenter . I wouldn't watch TV if it wasn't for those two .
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