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Discussion in 'Rebooting in a Relationship' started by Healmyheart, Dec 26, 2018.

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    Its been a while, and things had been getting better. A couple of weeks ago, I discovered an attempted look up of porn on his blocked phone (unsuccessful of course). After months of nothing. Followed by what I think was PIED the next morning .He has gaslighted me again saying he can't remember and doesn't know how it got there. I'm not buying it . This has caused a very turbulent few weeks I'm feeling worse than ever, like we will never get passed it and live normally, carefree and happy. We had a long discussion and decided we can't go on like this and to give the relationship on last red hot shot. Because of the gaslighting still and not looking like he will be open and honest about that event any time soon. I have sent him the following message. Thoughts??

    After the other day's conversation where I felt you took charge and told me how it was going to be. Yes I do agree with you I want to give it one last try 100% so to do that I need to be perfectly clear on a couple of things so I know what to expect and I too can make an informed decision. As you said a discussion will come up from time to time. I need these answers so I know what the expectations should be. I have some questions that I would like clarifying. Just starting with one at a time for full clarity. Do not take this as another argument, really think about it before you answer.
    You said you were going to put in 100% now, what % would you say you were putting in before?
    If possible, really think about it, a timeline breakdown would be awesome.
    1. When we first met.
    2. The back off around the July.
    3. Me moving here
    4. How desperate and upset you saw me become
    5. The revelation
    6. Everything that's happened since.
    Total clarity will really help me.
    As I feel I am taking more of a risk than you of this relationship working (it always worked for you) for me to do this I just need to know what expectations I should have. I think this is all apart of opening up and talking, sometimes getting it better down in text. Xxxx❤❤

    I got the following answer

    Ok a bit to take in at the moment but yes we can talk about all that xxx

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