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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by DarkBater, Aug 13, 2020.

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    I masturbate a lot to porn. Not because I wanna watch porn but mostly because I wanna bust a nut. I don’t really have many sexual relations with anyone but I just started talking to this girl and we ended up having sex. We went like 5 rounds all night but I wouldn’t really last much all 5 times and sometimes it took a while for me to get hard. I feel like maybe cause when I jerk off I just wanna nut so I masturbate fast to the point where I bust less than a min. You guys think if I stop masturbating it will help improve my time during sex? Also I get really nervous so I over think or when I’m inside her I would barely feel any so then I start to worry or whatever and it kind dies out. Mind you this the first girl I had sex with in about a year or 2.
  2. Usually, people come here because they are having some difficoulties with porn and(or) masturbation.
    Mostly mental things. Not liking to be addicted, having less interest of average girls because of porn and overstimulation, fetishes they are ashamed of etc.

    Although many will tell you to try and stay on nofap, but if you have nothing against porn and masturbation just premature ejaculation you shouldn't stay here.

    The problem is, you masturbated frequently for years and each session lasted for a couple minutes. You trained your brain to orgasm fast.
    And unfortunatelly since you are a guy, you can't continue sex if you ejaculate, so you can't allow yourself to do that.
    Sadly, you have to train yourself to last longer. And it takes time. You should masturbate for half an hour at least before you reach the edge. Then you should control yourself and stay on the edge for a while. If you do masturbate.
    Unfortunatelly masturbating like this is only a second best solution. The best is to have sex with this girl as often as possible and try to not cum.
    If you satify her in other ways afterwards, she should understand it. (After all, its a sexual disfunction, people are having those all the time, even woman. Like not getting wet, losing libido etc)

    Nofap is beneficial for a lot of things! But it doesn't teaches you how to endure pleasure, since you try to abstain from it as much as possible.
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    Yea stay away from porn mate, it took me down a dark path. So things that have helped me not coming fast are. Training and feeling fit and having stamina this also gives me Confidence that I look good therefore more masculine. Breathing deep slow breaths and really trying to be conscious of your surrounds like a meditative state. The opposite from being over ran from thoughts like: oh my god she’s so hot, shit this feels too nice I hope I don’t come like I did last time, oh no I can feel it , coming, oh no try to stop it, oh no oh no uuurgggh !! You get my drift? Go from behind so you can work on your breathing and having a look around the room to stay calm. Takes a bit of practise. Also get into the sex and pleasing her rather than just how long you last. If you feel you’re about to come pull out and squeeze the head of you penis between your thumb and middle finger quite hard and it almost resets you. The big thing is to not obsess over it too much as everyone does it now and again and it’s not big deal. Women hate it if you can’t come as makes them feel self conscious and sometimes it good to have a intense quicky. Just a bit of practise and enjoy yourself. If you’re unable to practise with partner or casual. And want to try edging- use fantasy and touch to get yourself off rather than watching a guy with a massive willy that’s pumped up, in really good shape and that’s having sex with a girl you’re really attracted to. It’s not going to do anything for your confidence or a solo girl doing a dance and not even knowing you’re there. Good luck bro
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