Late Night Motivational Rant

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by expressyourself, Nov 25, 2018.

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    We all walk around on this planet earth, carrying ourselves, trying to distract ourselves.

    Afraid of being alone, afraid of being alone with our own thoughts.

    But in reality, I have discovered, that we are all the same.

    We are all the same essence, seperated by illusions taught by society.

    It’s 2018 now, soon 2019, and more and more people seem to wake up to the concept, that there may be more to life than what we were originally taught.

    People are seeking wisdom, they want to do the best for themselves, even though it is tough to break out of old habits, there is still a personal paradigm shift happening, globally!

    It’s important to recognize, that we are all the same essence, your attitude and mood is getting mirrored in other people.

    See other people as a mirror, be good and kind to yourself, smile to all the mirrors you meet everyday, this will create a ripple effect into all the other mirrors.

    There is no difference between you and the happiest person on this planet, only that the happiest person figured out the system, that you haven’t figured out yet.

    Although, I know you are on your way to discover it. Keep grinding to find it.

    Seek inside of yourself, read your inner book, read external books as well, to get inspiration and insights.

    I just wanted to let you know, that you can become whatever you want to become, it’s just a matter of you having a serious conversation with yourself, in silence.

    You still have lots of time left on this planet, how do you want to spend it?

    Be wise or be a fool, for not going on the path that the inner you wants to pursue.

    It’s up to you, nobody else can choose the right path for you.

    Stop waiting, you won’t walk the path on auto-pilot.

    Be conscious and aware of yourself.

    Take the first step, tomorrow?

    No, today is the golden opportunity.

    Do yourself a favor.

    Do it.

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    This is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you for this.
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  3. expressyourself

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    I'm glad you liked it brother, haha :)
    Best of luck to your NoFap journey!
    - alphaparty

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