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    INTRODUCTION: So in my introduction post I mention that I had a feeling before it even happened that I will have a problem when it comes to sex in the future. After years of knowing about the Law of Attraction I finally came to the realization that I attracted this problem into my life since I was always thinking about it being a problem in the future. But here’s the good news, I believe that I can manifest this problem out of my life, the same way I manifested it in my life.

    THOUGHTS…BECOME…THINGS: Thoughts, become, things. Yes they do. Here’s a tip you can do. I’m going to list a bunch of things for different situations, so take what applies to you…

    -Imagine yourself with a super rock erection.

    -Imagine yourself with a morning wood.

    -Imagine yourself performing great in bed.

    -Imagine yourself having an orgasm from sex.

    -Imagine yourself getting erect around females.

    There’s a lot more that you can imagine. But these are the main problems that will fall under someone’s conflict.

    HOW WOULD THIS HELP: Projecting the positive images to your subconscious mind will help you stay on track. It will attract what you are thinking about into reality. No, you just don’t think about it and keep doing the very thing that got you here in the first place. But it will motivate you to change your ways to get to that end goal. And before you know it, that image that you’ve projected onto your mind will soon reach you in reality.

    CONCLUSION: So basically what I’m trying to say is, stop thinking negative thoughts. You should be expecting that you will be cured from your problem. If you fail a couple times…then you failed, oh well. You’re only a failure once you give up completely. So fail, try again, fail, and try again some more. Follow me on my journey here:
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