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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by mike14500, Oct 10, 2019.

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    Hey All,

    I'm going to keep it short. I'm in law school right now and I feel lonely. I made a good group of friends when it started but as the stress of law school built, I've found myself turning to porn more and more. As this has been happening I've been isolating myself and now it seems I don't talk to anyone anymore. I tell myself that they are only hurting themselves by not studying more but I'd be a hypocrite saying that as now I'm just turning to porn instead of studying. Relapses have historically been caused by stress for me but now as the semester goes on these relapses are rooted in feelings of loneliness. I don't really know what I seek to get from this but I just wanted to share. These relapses are really setting back my studies and the confidence I need to start interacting with my peers again
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    Law school was the worst for me. My PMO addiction went to new heights in law school. I felt so lonely. It wasn't until 3L that I started to talk to people and that is because the summer before 3L I went on a streak without PMO. i know its hard cause first semester 1L is crazy, but you have to try to make it through without P. Try studying with some of your classmates in your small section. Don't study at home, study and read in the library.

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