Learn my lesson and start it off once again, the first goal: 3 days in Hard mode

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Clancy Li, Dec 22, 2016.

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    I'd like to make an apology to some bros who provided me with spiritual support at this forum since my latest 10-days challenge failed and perhaps I've let them down.
    I relapsed last night, after chronicling my rebooting in real time continuously for 35 hours. But I refuse to come to terms with my porn addiction! In this late morning I' m gonna start it off once again. You know after all nothing great can be achieved at one stroke.
    I've learned my lesson. Basically my failure is caused by my excessive eagerness to win the battle. I spend too much time in chronicling my life, not realizing that life itself is the essential and putting down journals is just a supplementary means. A good sustained routine is prior to anything else for me. The best way to quit a bad habit is to substitute a good one for it. When my day counts and my plans accomplished, I'll expect another fulfilling day and be unlikely to indulge myself in porn videos. Of course, prudence is needed and any mistake can be fatal.

    Here is my routine memorandum and the only thing in this world that can save me from the agonizing pain (if I do observe them)

    6:25 get up (alarm clock needed) and go out for a 5-km-jog
    7:30 take a quick shower
    7:45 go to the library
    8:00 start my routine study that should last for 3 hours
    11:30 go to the cafeteria
    12:00 return to my dorm and post my feelings on Nofap
    12:25 take a noon nap with my mobile phone and its charger locked
    13:10 get up and go to the lib again
    13:30 start another 3-hours study
    17:00 go to the cafeteria, take a long-distance meditating walk after supper
    18:15 return to the lib and post for the 2nd time
    18:30 3-hours study Part 3
    21:45 return and do some exercises indoors (rope jumping or muscle strength training)
    21:20 post briefly for the 3rd time
    22:35 wash and go to bed with my mobile phone and its charger locked

    1. The most significant things is to go to bed in a planned way, no error can be tolerated.
    2. It's crucial to go to the lib and not return until the scheduled time.
    3. The unexpected failure of any of the steps above shouldn't influence the following ones.
    4. Posts should be concise.
    5. I'd not care about my friends' and parents' misunderstanding coz they do not know my pain. I'm never alone and they'll see a different vigorous man after my success.
    6.I'd meditate or go out for a walk anytime I don't feel good.

    Wish me luck. The first goal is to follow this routine for 3 days.

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    Are you naturally a really regimented person?
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  3. Clancy Li

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    No not really, but I wanna live a regimented life. I believe regimentation makes a man sober and brave.
    I once practiced this routine for some time and it's not so unpractical as it seems.

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