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    Has anyone been struggling with learning problems in the past or even now? I had been struggling with learning difficulties in my early teens, and that's around the time that I started PMO. about myself, I'm on the autism spectrum. I've been struggling with learning problems throughout middle school, high school and sometimes now. The problems I've been having was

    • unable to focus,
    • not getting enough sleep,
    • reading difficulties,
    • confusions,
    • lack of confidence,
    • stress,

    In some situations I even get so nervous that I put so much pressure to myself to unable to focus, think clearly, or learn.

    For the past couple of years. I tried running & working out. I even been playing Lumosity and elevate brain training game apps and other memory & attention games to help improve my mind.
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    Hmm all those games help to increase neuropladticity which helps. Id recommend finding a fun way to learn what you want. The biggest thing fir me in learning faster was changing my mindset. Once I found certain things interesting learning it became muchh easier since my brain took the task on as a reward rather than pain
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