Learning Disability Anyone?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by J-Roberts-77, May 4, 2019.

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    Who here has a learning disability? Do you think people with disability may have watched porn at some point in early childhood? I was wondering if porn had a play in my mind causing the learning disability?
  2. I don't know anything about that, but brain fog issues are pretty common for us. Difficulty concentrating, lack of motivation and focus. I've heard people say that reading and studying are much more difficult with this addiction. I have those issues, but I haven't overcome the addiction to know if it's causing them. If those issues are caused by the addiction, then they should go away eventually, right? I've never heard anyone talk about "permanent" issues from PMO addiction.
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    Pmo can cause the mind to warp or imbalance. You might have genuine condition of something called intellectual disability where you find focus and concentration difficult. I struggle to read a book for two reasons. I am misreading words which could be dyslexic syndrome or learning difficulty and I am not able to retain much which is as a result of my hypothyroidism condition which also causes mental impairment. It affects memory.

    Pmo contributes a lot to learning difficulties. It can impair the decision making process.

    A good way to combat it would be to go hardmode for 90-180 days, in that time you’ll see a significant improvement in your decision making abilities and in reading books. Read a few pages a day.

    On some occasions I can read a lot. Most days i can’t.
    Reading is a skill. Try nofap first then apply it to a book see how it develops. Mental Coordination is key here. Focus, attention to detail, memory and ability. All got to be good to retain what you read. Everyone has abilities but got to work at something to find out what extent those abilities go to.
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    Well I have a learning disability I managed it for years until high school when I fell into depression because of the shame porn gave me so in my case I had a learning disability but internet porn made me depressed so I lost drive and gave up but now I’m trying to get used to my disability in school again.

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