Learning to stand alone, to walk your own path fearlessly and succeed in your goals!

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    Oh my goodness - I am 12 days away from 90!!!:cool:

    Hmmm... Thats probably why the temptations have been so hectic! Today we had no power when I got home from work. I live in apartments and when I was walking past one apartment/flat I saw a beautiful girl sitting in her living room alone reading a book with some candle light. She had her night gown on and I started drooling on the spot! The damn scene gave me blue-balls...LOL.

    Oh my goodness... You know those kind of girls that you don't even need to see naked or in sexy outfits, the type that just have to smile and you're already going mad - she was one of those.

    Other than the temptations, my mind is racing hectically... My thoughts and desires are throbbing. I miss having Orgasms, but what I find to be awesome is that the more I stick to my reboot, the more I miss real orgasms with a tender, affectionate and beautiful woman! This is awesome but my reboot -hard mode in celibacy - is still necessary...

    Its important for me to be alone in this process. To find myself and get to know how far and deep I am willing to go to regain my True self. I can not do this while trying to impress someone else or having to give my attention to others. This process is about me and my spiritual growth, its about the foundation of my life. I am building on a rock and this stakes patience and self-mastery.

    Before I surround myself with a crowd or start dating again, I want to be master of myself! I dont want to get sucked into the games people play again - I am a man on a mission!

    What I realise though is that many of us are stuck in our goals because at some level, we are people pleasers. We are afraid of how we will be perceived by others as we walk our talk and follow our inward guidance.

    To those of us stuck in this trap I'd like to offer a short piece by my favourite author - James Allen called (you guessed it) Standing Alone. I hope it will inspire you to be true to yourself just as it has inspired me to do the same.

    Standing Alone
    by James Allen

    As a child learns to walk in order to go about from place to place of itself strong and unaided, so should a man learn to stand alone, to judge and think and act for himself, and to choose, in the strength of his own mind, the oath-way which he shall walk.

    Without is change and decay and insecurity, within is all surety and blessedness. The soul is sufficient of itself. Where the need is there is the abundant supply. Your eternal dwelling-place is within; go there and take possession of your mansion; there you are a king, elsewhere you are a vassal. Be contended that others shall manage or mismanage their own little kingdom, and see to it that you reign strongly over your own. Your entire well-being and the well-being of the whole world lies there. You have a conscience, follow it; you have a mind, clarify it; you have a judgment, use and improve it; you have a will, employ and strengthen it; you have knowledge, increase it; there is a light within your soul, watch it, tend it, encourage it, shield it from the winds of passion, and help it to burn with a steadier and ever steadier radiance.

    Leave the world and come back to yourself. Think as a man, act as a man, live as a man. Be rich in yourself, be complete in yourself. Find the abiding center within you and obey it. The earth is maintaining its orbit by its obedience to its center the sun. Obey the center of light that is within you; let others call it darkness if they will. You are responsible for yourself, are accountable to yourself, therefore rely upon yourself. If you fear yourself who will place confidence in you? If you are untrue to yourself where shall you find the sweet satisfaction of Truth?

    The great man stands alone in the simple dignity of independent manhood; he pursues his own path fearlessly, and does not apologise or “beg leave.” Criticism and applause are no more to him than the dust upon his coat, of which he shakes himself free. He is not guided by the changing opinions of men but guides himself by the light of his own mind. Other men barter away their manhood for messes of flattery or fashion.

    You are to be master of yourself, lord over yourself, not fawning and imitating, but doing your work as a living, vital portion of the universe; giving love but not expecting it; giving sympathy but not craving for it; giving aid but not depending upon it. If men should censure your work, heed them not. It sufficeth that your work be true: rest you in this sufficiency. Do not ask : “Will my work please?” but : “Is it real?” If your work be true the criticism of men cannot touch it; if it be false their disapproval will not slay it quicker than it will die of itself. The words and acts of Truth cannot pass away until their work is fully accomplished; the words and acts of error cannot remain, for they have no work to do. Criticism and resentment are alike superfluous.

    Free yourself from the self-imposed tyranny of slavish dependence, and stand alone, not as an isolated unit, but as a sympathetic portion of the whole. Find the Joy that results from well -earned freedom, the peace that flows from wise selfpossession, the blessedness that inheres in native strength.

    “Honour to him who, self-complete, if lone,
    Carves to the grave one pathway all his own,
    And heeding naught that men may think or say,
    Asks but his soul if doubtful of the way.”

    Chapter 14:Standing alone in Byways to Blessedness by James Allen

    NB - this is not the full version, its a short summarised version I made for myself. The full version can be found in his works here: http://www.jamesallenwisdom.com/
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    Awesome bro..
    When I am with people, my behavior changes, I become people pleaser or rather I try to be people pleaser..
    But people don't give a damn anyway..
    I am with you on this bro
    i am not allowing others opinion of myself and the opinion of my critic inside me drive me.. I try to do what I know I should do..
    It's after all a journey..
    Day 87 that's awesome..
  3. CJthewise

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    This is a great read , defanityly an eye opener
    an article every single MAN on this path should read
  4. dampdragon8

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    Good job man.
    To the hardest struggles of man, come the greatest of rewards.
    Well said my man
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    great! i'll add this book to my reading list

  6. heartpower

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    Thank you. I shared the book snippet on my facebook page.
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    Yes, so true. Do what is for yourself, not what everyone else is doing.
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    Alpinist- Im right there with you, Day 82. Have also decided to persue celebecy. And it will require one hell of a change in thinking on my part...feel free to PM me.
  9. Alpinist

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    For sure Fapstronauts! Thank you for reading and I'm glad the post has been helpful. Lets keep going!

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