Leaving Earth?

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  1. onceaking

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    Will human beings ever leave Earth to live on another planet? If so which one? I'm not so sure myself since most planets seem very hostile to life. I'd say Mars is the next best option to Earth but even that isn't so great at the moment. The universe might change which will make it more possible for humans to live on but with the way things are I'd say the answer is no.
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  2. brilliantidiot

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    I doubt it. Firstly, any planet near enough to get to is extremely hostile and it would take a crap load of money to establish even a very small community. Secondly, any planet near enough to get to at our current rate of travel will still be burnt up when the sun expands, so its essentially useless unless we develop a way to ship back resources in mass. Thirdly, we need to be able to travel much faster to really get anywhere. Right now it would take between 40 days and about a year to even get to mars.
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  3. JedWiley

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    We need new technologies, we are not ready now, right now we need to focus on technologies to save Earth or we will become extinct. The population of this planet is about to spin out of control and climate change too, its pretty bleak. Elon Musk might come up with something, lets hope.
  4. Infrasapiens

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    Space ships? All I want is my telephone cables back so I can stop using my neighbor's WiFi.
  5. Is it possible? Sure. All it will take is advancement in technology. Will I see it in my lifetime? Probably not. Do I care? Nope.
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  6. rafael33

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    I feel privileged to live on planet earth. Maybe as humans we will survive. Needs a lot of appreciation from all of us. To prevent uncontrollable climate change we only have a few years.
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  7. Bombadil

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  8. There were plans to send 4 humans to Mars by 2027, total cost 6 billion dollars, one way ticket, as the first people to ever live on Mars (actual colony). A group of 100 persons in total was planned to go, so many more would have been following in the years after that, but apparently the companies planning this went out of business. So change of plans. The mission's site (mars-one.com) is still active.

    It wouldn't be too bad, having a second planet, it would take a lot of stress off this one.. Imagine the benefits it would have for the climate and what not.
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  9. onceaking

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    Are you talking about technology making a planet inhabitable?

    I think we also need a spaceship that can slow down. I heard that some cameras sent to other planets passed by them because they were going too fast.
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  10. JedWiley

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    I'm saying we need to save this planet before anything else, but that will be after a lot of people die because the population is spinning out of control right now. If climate change gets worse we are fucked because we are bringing on another Ice Age, even though we are due an Ice age, which no one ever mentions. No point thinking about other planets when this one is dying and it will take a miracle to save us.
  11. Yep u do

    Yep u do Fapstronaut

    God created us to live on earth i guess. If u wanna go on Mars and die in some days (if u even reach it) it s ur choice.
  12. No! We wouldn't last long enough to acquire such incredible technologies. Also the challenge is speed of travel, and even lightspeed can't help us, and it's nigh next to impossible, simple because a massless object can reach it easily but for an object with considerable mass, the amount of energy needed to accelerate becomes monstrous defeating the dream.
  13. SuperFan

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    There will be a new, redeemed Earth after Jesus comes back.

    At least, that's what I believe.
  14. ftfy
    You're right about rockets - they're quite useless without a miraculous source of energy, at least if we wish to leave the Solar System. A wet dream of sci-fi fans is to find "wormholes", a tube-like regions in spacetime which might take you to places billions of lightyears away nearly instantly.
  15. Wormholes are just a theoretical mirage. Ain't no way you gonna get from A to B without following the laws which govern matter or energy. The only sustainable way science can come up with is a method where a body is in suspended animation for indeterminate amounts of time and eventually of being able to brought back to life as they reach the destination.

    But there is one big flaw! Everything we look at in space is in past, so even if we find a hospitable planet in reach, and reach it, we will still be arriving at something which we have never seen before as it's not in the past we are arriving at but the present, and the place may be all different. So many things could change with time. I never see anybody discussing interstellar travel discuss about this issue.
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  16. cadia guardsman

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  17. Oh no - wormholes are legit. You can find yourself bumping into one in your kitchen tomorrow morning without breaking any physics. They just weren't observed.
  18. Lol, I wish.
  19. Get behind me Satan

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    Not when the earth is flat and there are no such things as planets...…..*** says it then runs off ***
  20. spaces

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    One of the moons of Jupiter or Saturn my guesses and technology is making leaps and bounds so anythings possible, also personally i shall leave the earth with copious amounts of co2 and methane to reach the planet Thanos went to after he eliminated half the population of the universe :D it was a peaceful place !

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