"Leaving Neverland" alleges Michael Jackson was a paedophile

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  1. I respect your opinion.
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  2. It's interesting the different aspects of this one.

    I see where there were at least half a dozen to a dozen people who are accusing him of this. Two of them with very public graphic detailed descriptions of their abuse which spanned 5-10 years. They've also have families who've been thru them thru all of this and witnessed not the actual acts but their life in it and more importantly after it. They were the first people these two men confessed too other than their therapists.

    It would be incredibly difficult to fake those accounts.

    There is also a house keeper who witnessed it happening. Plus a large amount of child porn was confiscated from his house.

    I don't know it seems like there's alot more evidence that suggests that something did happen than not.

    But I respect those of the opinions that he was innocent.
  3. I don't really see the point in bringing up how he looks. That has no bearing on whether or not he was a pedophile, or his sexuality.

    Also, to be clear, I'm not at all trying to defend MJ or say that he was innocent. I haven't seen any of the documentaries yet, so I just don't feel comfortable saying that he is guilty when I haven't heard any of the stories. But there have been enough of them that I think it's likely that he was guilty.
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    His behavior was too strange for something not to be wrong. I think he was a Chester.
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    He faced justice and was found innocent. It's time people got over it.
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    I am not trying to defend or accuse anyone here, but winning a case at a court doesn't mean you aren't guilty.
  8. I agree totally. It’s obvious that one can be a genius and at the same time a pervert. Same like Bill Cosby. There is none even coming close what relates to his skills and comics and at the same such a sick pervert.
  9. Yeah, I was gonna say the same. Especially when it comes to sex crimes. They're very difficult to prove with actual evidence, but that doesn't mean they didnt happen.
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    This is a good point. The Constitution was written by white men who most were racist. There are people that I met who will argue that the Constitution is racist simply because it was written by racist , even when the contents of the Constitution have nothing to do with racism. Quite the opposite actually.

    I know it’s not exactly on the subject but the principle remains the same.
  11. I see this similar. Cosby I do love. I think he is really brilliant and it shows me how this does not mean that one is not a pervert.
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    What I start thinking about MJ is whether or not he was sexually abused himself.
  13. I'm inclined to believe it's a set up and the man was innocent. I haven't seen the documentary but I have heard the nanny say she was threatened with murder if she ever talked about what she witnessed which to me sounds just ridiculous. People do all kinds of crazy things for money. Us porn addicts should know.
    And to ban his music whether it happened or not is totally hypocritical. Call him the king of pop first to then ban his music? Says more about society than about MJ if you ask me.
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    My Journal
    One thing is clear about MJ’s life: he was abused as a child. He denied having plastic surgery to change the appearance of his nose, but his sister told the tale of how his mother (i think?) would constantly demean his appearance...specifically his nose by saying things like it’s too big, in nasty & racially inspired ways.

    It’s so ironic that he ended up with that skin-tone disease. The man likely never felt at home in his own skin.

    Neverland is such an extension of him trying to heal his broken childhood by trying to give kids what he didn’t have. Unfortunately, unless they find healing, abused people tend to become abusers themselves. As such, I don’t want to watch this movie. I wouldn’t doubt it to be true. It’s just that knowing how these things happen across generations...ehhh...I’ve already seen plenty of sad things in my life.

    If anything, to those who watch the movie, it’s a cautionary tale. MJ most likely started Neverland out of good intent & it turned into that. If you’ve ever been hurt, make sure you get better. Emotional wounds can get infected just like physical ones can.
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  15. More like, he ran up a check
  16. Ah, the "King of Pop," or so they say. Honestly, I disagree w allot of crimes, butt pedophilia isn't one of them. There's millions (yes, millions) of purple out there AND in this thread who still listen (support) Michael Jackson's music. Which I don't have a problem w, I just think they should acknowledge to themselves that they are supporting a pedophile.

    His music is alright, I do think he's overrated, and not bc he's a pedophile. I don't like pop, so maybe that's why. Never have been impressed by him personally. He's a good criminal though, for the most part. Online, I read he cut checks and was low-key.
  17. This is a really interesting observation, and I think that sounds spot on. It would also make sense, then, that he was so close with children and related to them, which would also make the sexual abuse theory make sense.

    It's sad stuff all around, honestly.

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