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Legal Prostitution

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by thedev, Sep 20, 2021.

  1. thedev

    thedev Fapstronaut

    I recently had the misfortune of deciding it a good idea to explore the internet's various cam sites. Until now, I did not understand how someone could possibly pay money to watch someone in real time when there are damn near a billion free videos for you to watch and enjoy online. But now, it is all clear to me. What else is someone to do when they have watched every video in existence at least 20 times? They will naturally gravitate towards something a little more exclusive... which is exactly what these cam sites offer, exclusivity. A stream that will be like no other ever again. It will always be a unique and new experience, something porn addicts crave for that Dopamine hit. The very thought that somewhere on Earth, the person I was watching was actually doing stuff in real time was extremely arousing to me.

    Seriously though, this is prostitution under the guise of live porn and/or innocent "subscription". This type of incentive cannot possibly be good for the morality or future of our society, can it? The amount of money that can be made and is often bragged about by cam sites and websites like OnlyFans is massive from what I hear. Regular people making over $10,000 after just one month of performing. Girls turning 18 and immediately signing up for an OnlyFans. It is a twisted world and we have not begun to see the real effects of this hypersexuality. That will not be until another few years. Community of NoFap, what are your thoughts on this?

    WORD OF ADVICE: If you have not already visited any camming sites ( and are not currently hooked on them ), DO NOT attempt to. They will destroy you even further. I have found that they are harder to quit and I only just started visiting them last month. I personally have not had any experience with websites such as OnlyFans, but I can see how easily someone can get hooked into it.
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  2. eagle rising

    eagle rising Fapstronaut

    It appears to me that the root of this problem is not necessarily with the desire for some sexual entertainment, however, it does lead one in that direction. That it, is "consumerism". What does it mean, on a deeper level to be a society that is driven by consumerism? It seems, based on my own experience and growth through recovery, that this implies a lack of "inner self-worth". This societal mindset that acquiring more is an expression of the human experience, and that it is in some sense "healthy", is not "reality". Everyone feels good when they get a new gadget. That feel good is then sought after over and over again. This is all "okay".

    The repercussions are just as you explained above. I am pretty certain that many people have spoke against this over the years as the society continued to be driven toward consumerism, etc. But, their voices were ridiculed by the media, which serves to only gain, superficially, acquiring more material by way of greed. Now we have a monstrous economical infrastructure, which I believe to be all tied together.

    As you suggested, many girls turn 18 and immediately go into OnlyFans and such things because they are excited to get rich quick, something that is inflated in this wonderful first world society, it is celebrated more than anything. This is what this monster (consumerism) wants. There is no sense of wholeness and true joy, there is only a sense of accumulation. This is true on "both sides", but for the men, it is expressed differently because not a lot of young men can just go on camera and do all that and just get rich. Men find their worth, externally, by looking for such content, it fulfills a primal instinct. What happens at this point? Expectation and warped reality. Now, men believe that can just get any woman they want; women become victims of predators and that pushes this whole thing into an endless cycle. What do women do to find comfort? Buy clothes, buy make-up, spend money, etc. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe this is true for all women because there are women that aren't lost in that type of lifestyle, I am not judging. What do men do for comfort? Probably the overwhelming answer now is some sort of prostitution. There is also the response within the man in such a manner that they lose their vitality (energy, willpower, etc.). The mind of most people nowadays is fractured. Fantasy and reality have switched places. Now, people being able to live joyfully without needing to buy things all the time is a fantasy. And getting lost in sexual entertainment and consumerism means happiness is reality.

    There is no learning, there is no growth, there is no responsibility, there is no life. There is only the strong influence of desire by way of material expansion. We are a creature that has expanded its capacity only to enhance its ability to inflict destruction on itself and its surroundings.

    "The Machine" pumps out machines that look like humans. These humans consume and consume and consume, destroying themselves, while a tiny subset of people enjoy the riches.

    I see the image of the Playboy mansion. Women just standing around the late Hefner. Their only value is how they look. That is all their "job" is, to stand around with scant clothing, and they get paid a ridiculous amount, I'm certain. They are just there because we have all put value on the material.

    Now, we are here on NoFap. A small subset of the population trying to figure out how to get out of this whole mess. We struggle everyday in this world and most everybody else is putting us down, putting us in a negative light. WE are the "crazy" ones. We are the ones that are asking too much of the society. We are the ones that are making others uncomfortable.

    Again, I don't think the cam girl thing is a problem in and of itself. It is tied to all of this, it is a mindset largely driven by consumerism both on the supply side and the demand side.

    We all have to capability to be joyful and that joy come solely from within, that power remains within us all. That is the antidote to this whole thing.
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  3. JoeinUSA

    JoeinUSA Fapstronaut

    I like your observation in comparing "having watched every video in existence nearly 20 times" to the novelty of paying for live cam sites where the presentation is always "new" and "exclusive." Yet, adding to this, I often wonder with amazement how new any of this shit is anyway? How many times do we need to be thrilled like adolescent boys (giggle giggle, blush blush, pant pant), looking at the same body parts over and over again and getting off on it. Yes, there are differences in appearance and color and shape and motion, but not so much different - we ultimately are looking at the same shit over and over. You'd think it would get old enough so that we can move on to more important things and from a better vantage point of a restored, healthy, and fulfilled lifestyle.

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  4. black_coyote

    black_coyote Fapstronaut

    An organized industry and its paraphrenia that knows the human psyche and abuses it for profit-That's the way I see it..not only porn industry but also big Tech, such as Instagram etc..

    These people know our primitive brain more than us and uses it to their advantage. I bet these cam stuffs are going to be the next stage of this industry, and millions are going to be hooked to it. only to realize after a rut spanning years of abuse that this is not worth it. That this is not life affirming but life-depleting.

    It's the trap the younger generations are going to walk into. It feels as if we are being programmed to consume consume consume endlessly. They amplify your insecurities and market the "cure" which turns out to be unfulfilling and voila! They come up with new cure and it keeps going on.. it's like a mass hypnosis...and we all are in the borderline between sleep and wake up..

    @eagle rising I find your post to be profound and I resonate with your observation...we were conditioned to value profits over ethics, consumption over care, addiction over connection...we were conditioned to find worth in brands, meaning in shopping malls, and purpose in getting the latest gadgets...but I do believe that many of us are actually loving, caring and honest..it is just that we have a good system which is corrupted by sick people.

    It is like what Yual Noah Harari says, "Human beings are hackable animals". But our omnipotent inherent power is that we can always free ourselves. They may have monopoly over attention, but we have the monopoly over our awareness. Nothing can take that. That's our inheritance, and the hope of humanity.
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  5. thedev

    thedev Fapstronaut

    @WildEntheology @eagle rising @calmmindalways @JoeinMD @black_coyote - You all have made and added wonderful, important, and essential points to this discussion.

    @eagle rising - You are really tapping into the political realm when it comes to pornography and pornography addiction. I think your points are impressive and really shed some light on areas of discussion that are often silenced. Let's face it: The porn industry is massive. They are an entity that seeks to gain monetarily through any means necessary regardless of the destruction they cause to the mental, physical, and spiritual health of the population.

    This single statement right here is incredibly meaningful. Why? Because of its accuracy. I do not see anyone in the mainstream actively trying to dismantle this system that seems to have gone so astray. Little people even speak up about it to begin with. We are just a tiny little community in a miniscule area of the web, trying to sort shit out. As for me, I cannot get it off my mind. Day in day out I think about how torn the world is. I do not think it is my addiction doing the thinking because even if I were not an addict, this would still hold truth. The world is indeed a madhouse. This cannot be denied.
  6. eagle rising

    eagle rising Fapstronaut

    You bring up some very good points here that I tend not to include in my responses in the forums, generally. I try to be as "neutral" as possible when I provide my perspective. What especially stands out is that we DO, in fact, have the "power...to free ourselves". That power is constantly being suppressed. It appears to me that therapists and/or psychologists, knowingly or not, question that power that we have within us. They have their guidelines that they have to follow, but their delivery tends to minimize the power that we have. They focus on "social cures", that it DO something EXTERNAL do help you get out of your slump. Contrary to that are the likes of eastern "religions", generally. They like to emphasize that you have the power within.

    The other is that we ARE loving, caring and honest. This is certainly does not have to be taught to children. If we stopped trying to push children into some corral of thought they would most certainly find that loving, caring and honest expression all on their own. Nope, that worry and fear of external image is forced down their throats at a very young age, whether the parents do it knowingly or not. Once that external image is questioned we are in a crisis. An example of an escape to that crisis is detailed in this thread.

    Yeah, I did bring the political realm into this. But, I would like to caution that I don't think that politics is central to this whole thing, and I don't think politics is going to help "solve" anything here. Nor do I think that politics is "necessary" per se. But, you said it right "the porn industry is massive". This whole discussion can get a little sticky and I might start to sound like a crazy person and people will then try and shove me into some category, which is the nature of politics; point fingers in order to save face. Expose the craziness in the other so that your craziness becomes bearable.

    It will never happen that the mainstream media will start to fight anything that seems to take away "freedom", especially with respect to the acquisition of wealth. For instance, I can voice my concern about girls getting into the industry in question. What will I get in return? "You're just jealous because you can't make thousands of dollars in one month. You don't really care about these people, you just want people to suffer. You can't deny that it makes you excited..." etc. This is what happens, and that argument gets plastered by the media all over the place and nothing happens. I could go on and on about this, as people start to question anything that I say because...well I am an addict and just another person... It is certainly a madhouse.

    Man, I used to think about how torn the world is all the time! I was so angered about everything. I was angry at myself because I am not much different than that which I criticize. This maybe a part of your trouble. You may want to distance yourself from the madhouse, but ironically we are all a part of that madhouse. "The world is me, and I am the world." But, that also means that somewhere out there, there are some good people trying to find a balance like we are, looking for change. There are plenty of loving, caring people out there without which this society would completely crumble. So, I urge you remember them as well. "...there is beauty in the world, and it's worth fighting for."
  7. Beekind

    Beekind Fapstronaut

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