Length of PIED? Regaining Size?

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    Hello NoFap Community,

    i am a 19 year old Guy. I've been addicted to since young Age, Hardcore addicted since i am ~16 years old. It went from fapping once a day, to fapping 3-5 Times a Day. I relapsed a couple of Times on my NoFap Streaks (longest was ~30 Days) but this Time i'm even more motivated to pull it through, i am ready for it! Already 7 Days in. I have some Worries though about my PIED aswell my Dick Size. During my Porn Addiction i developed many weird fetishes (findom/fendom, foot fetish, shemales, piss, anime/hentai shit) and i literally found pretty Girls IRL not interesting and had 0 sexual attraction, its still the case btw. I know i don't really like all those fetishes IRL, because for example i tried findom/femdom and foot fetish IRL, of course it turned me on a little since porn made me addicted to it, but then i realized i don't really like it and that this is not me. It literally didn't really turn me on. But while on Porn i love all this weird shit. I wanna get back on Track, date pretty Girls and have normal sex Life. Now, i've read that for some recovering from PIED took "only" 3 Months, for some years. Also i heard it depends on age and how much you used to fap? I really badly wanna rewire and just wondered how long it could/will take?

    Because in ~7 Months i am going on Vacation ( If this Coronavirus Panic calms down by then^^) and i'd like to Date pretty Girls/Women and maybe have sexual Experiences aswell. I would like to hear you Guys experiences how long curing your PIED took, when you started getting Morning Wood again or like could normally date a Women and get aroused by Vanilla sex, get a normal boner and keep it up.

    The second Thing that concerns me is my Size. When 16 y/o my dick was ~13cm/5inch long errect and had good thickness and i was totally fine with it! But now after the 3 years its shrimped down to 10/4inch and literally zero thickness. I'm really afraid i ruined my Dick and will never regain my Size. I don't need like 6cm/3inch extra on Nofap, i would be happy to regain my old Size. And if possible of course a little extra, since from Age 16 to 19 there should also be growth (which i fapped to death). Whats your experiences Guys?
    I'm overall concerned about PIED/Size, rest is fine because i know i look good and anxiety will get so much better with NoFap etc. I'm just useless when it comes to my Dick...

    I hope some will answer to this Post, i'd be very thankful Guys!

    Stay Strong!
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  2. I have the same addiction to femdom PMO/FMO as you.

    There are some who cured their PIED with the same addiction to femdom, for example @balkanic_falcon and lots of people who had other fetishes. It does not matter what type of porn you are into I guess. Understand that this is rare and many people fail. Consider overcoming porn addiction together with paraphilic sexuality as similarly hard as climbing Mt. Everest or K2, possibly both.

    You need to understand why you have these fetishes and why you turn to porn for emotional comfort. That is the most important part. This porn addiction is just an expression of our deep emotional imbalance.

    I am not the one to advice you because I have severve PIED. Nevertheless I shall give you some information that I found helpful.

    Don't worry about PIED. Try having sex and look if you have ED but stop worrying all the time about your (temporal) impotence.

    If you are sure you have ED (try having sex a couple of times over the course of months) then it could be possible that there are medical reasons for this. For example: anatomic reasons, diabetes, cardio-vuscular diseases, hormonal imbalances... If you have access to health care, get yourself checked to know if your issues are really psychological eg. porn addiction and fetishism/masochism.

    Don't worry about your dick size. Dick size doesn't change by masturbating. Nevertheless if you have to masturbate be gentle.

    Change your mind. Fantasy-Masturbation-Orgasm (FMO) is the root of porn addiction. Unless you take control of your mind back, you will not succeed in overcoming PMO. BTW sexy images, images of feet, erotic stories, ... are also porn.

    You must reboot and it may take significantly longer than 90 days, especially for guys like us who are involved in more extreme fetishes. But you are young which should give you hope.

    But ultimately it is not about hitting 90 days and then turning back to porn. It is about never using porn again. At some point in our journey we will just "forget" about femdom and porn and move on with our lives.

    You will not succeed in your goals to attain healthy sexuality unless you find a long term, commited partner.

    Concerning the time it will take to cure porn addiction, fetishes and PIED: If you count failed steaks, you are easily in the range of 2 or 3 years. It is not about hitting some day count you know. But 90% of guys should be free of ED with a 150-200 day streak from what I read so far. But it will take time to get those long streaks. Relapsing/resetting will bring ED problems back. So you want to make sure that you overcome this addiction/compulsion.

    Take everything you read here with a grain of salt. Sexuality is a very very complex phenomenon and highly individual.

    Cheers my fried. Hope this helps.

    PS: Corona is a pandemic virus, so it is to be expected that 60-70% of the population will get an infection. So the (objective) situation will be way worse in 7 months. Why is dating connected to vacation?
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    I'm in same situation. This problem I have too because I got rid of masturbation. I had your fetishes as femdom, foot fetish, humiliation but I wanted to get rid because I still want to fuck a girl. And my size is same with your 10cm. I m 19y.o and me too had 13-14cm at 16 years. Then I wasn't satisfied but now of that size, but now I'd like to have this size. I hope to be a temporar issue. I haven't tips for you because I m in same situation but now I'm happy to meeting you. All the best!
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  5. OMG.. :( I'm 19 years old too and have same issues (stupid femdom, humiliation, ba********g) but I haven't been so addicted in physical way(more like in psychological which is even worse) and it didn't affected my penis size, I just have PIED I guess but IDK... Only when I do not masturbate 20-40 days it becomes very vigorous, so I guess you just should wait without PMO. Started masturbating at 13 yo, 14 yo I was introduced with all that crazy shit and it still were growing until 17 yo but I only masturbated only once a day. You really must get rid of that fucking shit. :mad: I wish you very well.
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    This is a funny story. I always measure my penis size lol. Actually, im 21 y.o, start fapping every day 2.5 years ago,after i lost my girlfriend. And for that... I always measure my penis,also i have a ruler in bathroom lol. In my good days im about 16.5 cm,sometimes bigger. When i fap everyday,îs like.. i don't have libido,feeling dead inside, and my size goes down to 15.4 cm,also i have anxiety when cum. Last summer, i don't fap for 2 days,because i have a lot of work to do for college,and the day before i wake up feeling so good,and also with a strong morning wood, i was like.. etc,this is mine? I measure him again, and was like my old size,also feel confident and horny.
    And i discovered If i start fapping again, daily or 2 Times per day my p size decrease again and libido also. 1 week ago, i start fapping 2 Times per day to see what happening,results? My erection decrease again,anxiety,no libido,no nothing,after 1 day break, the size is slightly bigger,not like natural size but better? This is what happening with You bro,If You have a poor erection,like 60-70% stop fapping and i promise you.. You will get a better penis. Nofap Don,t make You penis bigger, like surgery do,but help You to get your real size. This is a true story bro,believe me,i don't lie or something like that. Good luck !
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    Wish you the best also! How many days are you in already, and have your urges for your fetishes dropped? Any change on your size yet?
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    Recovering from PIED takes different amounts of time and effort from everyone who walks the path. While doing a 90 day hard-mode reboot is often a staple of healing, recovering full sexual function through rewiring with sex often takes much different amounts of time for guys. You should not compare yourself to others in terms of time, but only to understand how your feelings, symptoms, and struggles match up with others to know how to respond.

    That being said, if your heavy porn use started when you were 16 and you are 19 now, I would guess after a 90 day reboot, if you have sex 1-2 times a week for 3 months after that, you should regain full function. I had a very similar time frame and PMO habits to you (heavy use from 15-19, about 3 hours a day average of PMO), and I was getting 100% erections and having maximally pleasurable sex 2 months after a 90 day reboot. I also used to be heavily addicted to this one fetish, to the point where it was beginning to creep into my actual life and behavior. Now, I am over the fetish, and enjoy my sex life with plenty of women.

    In regards to your size, I would not worry much about it. You'll find plenty of posts here and on other sites about size, all of which will say don't worry about it. Women don't care that much, and big dicks usually hurt them. Oral sex and toys make women cum much more than any PIV sex. Don't worry about how big you are, I'm sure you're fine.

    However, while NoFap will not make your dick bigger, it will certainly help it reach it's maximum engorged state whenever you go have sex.

    Years of PMOing in certain positions (usually sitting down), while not 100% hard, and without "thrusting" has conditioned your mind to not make your penis fully hard during arousal/sex, as well as not stretching the skin and flesh of your penis. When you do the reboot, your dick will probably shrink very observably because you are not masturbating, and will seem very very small when you go through the Flatline (no erections to stretch out the penis for weeks).

    When the reboot is over and you start having sex again, your penis will start to engorge fully, especially during sex. While you shouldn't notice a large increase in size or girth, your penis will be much firmer, and likely slightly longer and thicker. Over the months, this will increase as you have sex more often. You shouldn't expect huge results, but in comparison to your penis in heavy PMO, when you are the most aroused and most engorged, there will likely be a 5-8% increase. Thrusting during sex also helps this, as the muscles that fill your dick with blood will have to learn to work while your pelvis and legs are moving, which draws away blood from the penis. While is does not make your dick bigger, working out by doing squats, sprints, and and other types of running exercises helps build your pelvic muscles, as well as your core and legs. This really helps with erection stamina and consistency, but should be used only to supplement a reboot and rewiring; working out alone will not help this issue.

    I'll link some articles from YBOP for further reading on this.

    Is my fetish porn-induced?

    rebooting basics page

    Will a relapse set me back?

    Do I have to have sex in order to rewire?

    HELP! I quit porn, but my potency, genital size, and/or libido are decreasing (the Flatline)

    Started young on Internet porn and my recovery from erectile dysfunction is taking too long.

    How do I know when I’m back to normal?

    Why is intermittent use (long abstinence with binges) an addiction risk?

    My penis is too small.
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    Hi Dude! Thank you for the wrong and detailed Comment, really helped out a lot and you even mentioned stuff i heard for the first Time and it made things clearer.
    I will also definitely check the links you´ve sent me and have a detailed look at it.

    You said you had this one fetish that started creeping into your Life, may i know which and around what Time you started getting "back to normal", like starting to dislike and forget the fetish, or like not getting sexually turned on by it physically (dick) and mentally)

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    First of all man, thank you soo much for being super honest and bold! It is not easy to share, especially for us guys sometimes.

    Second, I want to say that you are on a journey to see some really awesome stuff happen in your life!

    Also, you got it right when you said size doesn't matter. A girl usually doesn't care that much about the size of your thingy as much as how much you care about her, how confident you are with her (not in an egotistical way), and just listening. That said, I believe you are probably going through some irrational fears right now and putting too much emphasis onto your own appearance (which includes your thingy). If it measured 5 inch at one time, then it sounds like there is probably still more thingy still in you. But worrying about it is probably not going to give you confidence boost. And men and our thingy's usually depend on how confident we feel in order to get stiff. When you break away completely from this PMO and see girls in a better light, with more confidence around them IRL, then you will likely be totally fine in the bedroom. But, since I am a believer in the Lord I think it is good that one should get married first. Hopefully this doesn't offend; please let me know if it does.

    Here, maybe my story will help encourage you:
    My Story
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    Hey man it's great you had started this journey, stuck with it don't think about time, every minute from now is important for you to stay away from all sexual i.e porn, sexual images etc
    I just only want to state you that keep going in this journey your body is healing.
    In past what causes did you give to your body brain and penile it's only require a time to get fixed there is no timeline but as standard people are saying 3 months, but as I read your post you are addicted to fetish porn so please take a promise from now onward you never see porn if you relapsed it get worse so, if you successfully quit porn for 1-2 months then you see changes in your body, and while for dick just after bath apply coconut oil for penile nerve regeneration. All you have to do is believe in yourself you can do it.
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    Hi! Thank you for for Comment!
    I will definitely pull this NoFap Journey through, i'm ready for it. About the coconut oil. Does it actually help the nerve regeneration, whats your Experience with it? Also should i just buy straight up normal coconut oil, nothing special?
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    Brother, just take normal coconut oil and after getting bath just apply coconut oil its promote healing skin, after quitting everything is responsible for your body to get cured diet, sleep that's all stuck with it

    - StayHard
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