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    Hi there,

    I'm really sorry if this has been covered before in depth, but there is a sense of desperation from me here.

    I have been practicing not looking at P for a couple of months now.
    However I have experienced 2 nocturnal emissions during that time.

    They do not destroy me like the PMO sessions used to do (That would REALLY CLOUD MY BRAIN and sometimes take weeks to recover - especially after a binge), however I do feel more vulnerable after it happens, like I am maybe more tempted to look at P.

    This feeling maybe lasts a few days, and then I'm ok again - I'm just at that point now where I could use some advice on how to stop it from happening.

    I think before I even post that I know the answer in that on both occasions I was next to smooth material whilst in bed (Clothing the first time, and bedding the seconds time).

    Also I am not VEGAN or VEGETARIAN as I do eat meat and not ready to give that up quite yet (Please don't try to convert me, I will reach it on my own).

    Last night I had been eating a lot of meat, and also alcohol, which likely also had an impact.

    I have been practicing Pranyama excercises (Specifically the one-nostril breathing, in through Right, out through Left as it's easier for me).

    I also take a lot of supplements, including neurotransmitter precursors (Tryptophan, Velvet Bean, N-Acetyl-Cysteine, DLPA amonst others). Oh and Saw Palmetto (Which I believe can cause extra testosterone because it isn't being broken down into DHT).

    Anyway this message is all over the place so I'd be surprised if I get that many responses but any guidance is appreaciated.

    I haven't reset my counter (Because it is in meeting my own personal goals) this time, but I will be more harsh on myself in that I will in future, if I have an AVOIDABLE nocturnal emission. By avoidable I mean that I have not taken the correct precautions before sleeping, by wearing soft fabrics or being next to them.

    I have genuinely considered applying Lidocaine gel to the hyper sensitive parts of me before I sleep to further avoid the possibility of this taking place.

    bye for now,

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  2. A Conqueror

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    Hello man, if you consciously avoid fantasies in your mind throughout the day, there is no way that you will release during the night. That's all you need
  3. Icewarrior

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    Along with what @aconqueror posted above (which is great advice), if you're really struggling try these three steps just before sleeping :
    1) Cold shower, then warm shower.
    2) Pranayama
    3) Chant the Belilin mantra for protection before sleeping :
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  4. MasturTainer

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    I think the body may adjust on its own over time... if you go from fapping 3 times a day to zero, then its not used to what it has to do when you dont fap and takes some time to adjust. My working theory on wet dreams
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  5. JoeinUSA

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    If or when they occur, nocturnal emissions are natural and balanced male biological functioning. It's indicative of the way the male body works. It's normal and healthy and does not register in the manner that voluntary, manipulative, and abusive addiction does. It never constitutes a release or a reset, and such emissions do not even really drain one's store the way outright masturbation does, or even O from sex.
  6. Warrior4Freedom

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    I'll comment on this, as I've recently experienced the same during my nearing-5-month streak.

    First: don't worry. A nocturnal emission - or even a wet dream - does not constitute a relapse. If you did not "aid" yourself during either, you did not relapse. I tend to distinguish between a nocturnal emission and wet dream. A nocturnal emission is healthy and basically is what @JoeinUSA said above. A wet dream constitutes a (pornographic) dream, where illicit sexual mental content causes arousal and eventually ejaculation while you're asleep. Usually, one wakes up right at the point prior to climax. It's all very mentally groggy and foggy at that point, but one can usually tell. I find that I would feel especially weakened, mentally clouded and tempted to look at P after a wet dream as defined in this answer. But even if your wet dream occurs from pornographic mental content, if you didn't M then I don't count that as a relapse either. Those images you used to look at still linger, and will take a while to dissolve. They're going to arise once in a while, especially in the unconscious state of sleep. I don't think eating meat, or your clothing/bedding materials matter here. It's the state of mind upon which you fall asleep. If you fall asleep anxious/worried/stressed, it's more likely a wet dream will assault you. If you meditate and are mindful before sleep - or use meditation to fall asleep - I've found that you "protect" your consciousness from any provoking images while you're sleeping, i.e. no wet dreams.

    Nocturnal emissions you cannot control or prepare against, nor should you. It's healthy and necessary.

    How to prevent your experience from happening again? Continue on resolving to be PMO-free. That's all. I suspect you had a wet dream, not a nocturnal emission. Something about a wet dream afterwards feels "wrong", and something about a nocturnal emission afterwards feels "right". It's possible that the measures you take as described in your post (worrying about bedtime fabrics / dietary supplements) add to your overall anxiousness. You can't do anything about the P you watched in the past; if that's currently manifesting in your wet dreams, all that will kill that is time and continued abstinence from PMO.

    Best wishes :emoji_pray:
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  7. JoeinUSA

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    I liken the P content of wet dreams (or revamped dreamwork sexual imagery) as a good thing. An analogy might be a heroin or opiate addict, who when such a one goes cold turkey will go through excruciating pains during recovery, even bouts of vomiting, because the drugs an addict ingested were really toxic poison to one's system. Finally, the body is being given a chance to heal itself when the drugs stop, and it literally is trying to spew out past poison. Something similar happens for the P addict during recovery. Heavy loads of past P consumption into the mind are ultimately very toxic, too, and are poison to the mind. When one goes cold turkey, the mind can finally rewire and retrieve past P content and refile it appropriately or spew it out during wet dreams or daydream urges. Either way, the files are also rewired not to be associated with an MO response, if one is refraining from that as a response. Somewhat alarmingly, such P content in the mind, when being refiled or spewed out and rewired, may cross the visual field of imagination where we might get a dreadful feeling of having exposed ourselves to P once again. But, just the opposite is happening, really. The mind is cleansing itself of all past P images in a healthy fashion. It's never something to try to discourage, as if you could do so anyway, which you can't. It's also never a reset or relapse. And, any involuntary emission you have during such wet dreams are somewhat negligible anyway; it's normal and natural male biological function and cleansing at work. It doesn't even ultimately disrupt semen retention in any significant way. The only caution is that one has to be careful of ongoing arousal when awake. The memories of such dreams may tempt one to MO, which is an undesired response. Given a little time in the passing morning, the dream will eventually sink again into forgetfulness and the aroused body will settle down again.
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