Let’s talk about this. Once and for all.

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    Let’s feel free to talk about this.

    Because there are many claims, it’s about a 2 minute read, but feel free to express thoughts on this awesome benefit.

    Today is day 10 for me, tomorrow will be day 11.

    Today is the day I started noticing my voice getting deeper and I started to notice the beginning of attraction from girls.

    Something that I’ve seen for a long time on this site, and among this whole entire movement, is the magnetism/attraction benefit.

    I know my post definitely isn’t the first of its kind. But I want to get to the bottom of this. I feel like I know the answer deep down (I definitely am 99.98% sure). But there are many opinions across this movement about it.

    when I just barely started this streak. Or really whenever I was fapping period, I would be invisible to girls almost, not really taken nearly as seriously.

    When I started going on nofap streaks of 10-20+ days (and it was obvious, not in my head.) I would notice how it would be completely different. Girls would try to talk to me. I don’t even have to try to talk to girls. They turn their heads towards me as I walk by, they check me out. The look me right in the eye and talk like I’m someone important.

    now, this is the thing I wanted to get to the bottom of here.

    I’ve seen wayyyyy, and I mean way way way too many people, claim that this benefit is just because of the increased confidence and self esteem from within. But there is simply. No. Fucking. Way.

    When I would fap. I would try everything to try to mimic confidence. Even after streaks. I would have lasting confidence. Because I knew I wasn’t stuck and I knew that I could just get on a streak and get myself back again.

    people will say, you can’t mimic confidence. Maybe you can’t. But for example, my current 10 day streak.

    I didn’t walk into the grocery store completely confident earlier. I was kinda stressed and craving pmo.

    I didn’t notice this benefit (attraction and magnetism) too strong on this streak until today, so I wasn’t expecting to have it until I noticed i did suddenly.

    I walk into the grocery store, three attractive workers look at me and start talking, sorta checking me out but continuing to talk. Again, I was stressed out, and this is the first time I was checked out like that on this streak, and the other day when I was in public girls weren’t really checking me out yet. So I wasn’t expecting it and therefore I wasn’t confident.

    I walk past and they stare again. And again. Simple stuff like this did not happen the other 9 days of my streak before today it started. Before, it would be like I didn’t even walk by.


    I have no choice but to ask for a shopping cart, I ask one of them, and they all look at me and the girls eyes widen and she says “oh yeah, of course! There outside, I can just grab you one though, we just can’t bring them inside because it’s wet (it was raining)” I’m thinking , okay, this is really happening.

    Again, for the third time to remind you, I wasn’t acting the most confident.

    Before the point I’m trying to make gets too long , the point is, I didn’t even have to try to be confident, and girls were looking at me and being overly nice and in tune with what I’m saying.

    In all of my belief and in my best opinion. I don’t believe magnetism/attraction is because of confidence. I believe it’s because of hormones and pheromones.

    they sense something , chemically or hormonally on you and about you.

    It’s obvious to me, I barely talked to them and they talked to me and went above and beyond and not just those girls, almost every female I came in contact with today (around 80%) looked it me right in the eyes once, or took a good look at me. And I went to multiple stores today. In different cities.

    and just to end this off , again.

    that would also not be happening if I was fapping. When I fapped, girls would sort of avoid eye contact with me or it would literally be like I was not even there.

    Feel free to share your experiences, and opinions. I find this one of the most interesting benefits of this. I love it. It makes life easy and it increases confidence.

    I just know this isn’t due to changes in personal behavior. This is a chemical or hormonal signal or sense.

    what do you guys think?

  2. My belief is that the much touted benefits are due to processes occurring on all domains:

    Physical - Semen retention allows the body to reabsorb nutrients that would otherwise be wasted, reinvigorating the practitioner with healthier skin, eyes, muscles, and organs.

    Mental - Committing oneself to a disciplined regimen, especially as next level as retention, fosters a healthy confidence in the practitioner. This confidence manifests itself subconsciously through body language and facial expression which can not be faked.

    Physiological - I believe there are chemical or hormonal processes that are occurring which can be picked up on. I also believe this ties in with...

    Spiritual - Too much has happened on my journey for me to deny a spiritual component to this practice. So while things like pheromones are a physiological phenomenon I believe that is the material manifestation of something much deeper and far beyond our understanding.
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    that last part especially is a fantastic way to put it, and I didn’t even think about that for this post.

    spiritually, I really think it’s possible there could be works with something beyond our understanding, like spiritually we are gaining benefits,

    just maybe even there are some things that science just can’t explain, religious or not religious, there is something with spiritual wrong and right morality happening that rewards us for doing the right thing? Who knows. It’s interesting to be aware of the possibility though, and i know for a fact personally and wouldn’t doubt (I’m religious) that is the case.
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