Let begin.... I M FEEL LIKE I own the place where I go

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    Hello guy I m 29 year old my life was same as like Any other guy here since teenage PMO or I can say APMO alcohol(beer)then PMO

    Every month 10 to 15 days I used to go for trips i m businessman
    On 20 dec 2019 i was in hotel room and I know the spa is good and they also give extra services. I already take spa 2 month back love their service I like to drink beer daily I bring 3 bottles beer and finish one and go to spa select Thai massage I ask for specific girl she was busy so another girl came to me she was giving me massage i m gym guy so muscular & quit handsomeshe attracted with that like same ya old experience
    I asked for extra services she ignored like pretending like newborns LoL after 3 time she said no then she said wait I call her she is free Here my ego came How she denied me it’s on my ego . I was little angry take shower went to my room which is next to spa. After I drink 2 beer and order 1 more my capacity is only 2 but bcoz little angry
    After full drunk before sleeping around mid night I bring 2 tissues and lubricants and open porn site and .......
    I woke up 21 dec 8 o clock
    To be continue..
    It’s gym time getting late Brb
    (Please dont mind my bad English )
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    If you really want to quit porn and masturbation, you will find helpful examples on this site and from other NoFap videos.
  3. Yo man @MrAlpha, all the best to you! If you want to join 'The Matrix' challenge click here> 'The Matrix'

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