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    Let me be frank... jerking off is a wonderful thing. It's relaxing, it's healthy, let's you explore the depths of your sexual fantasies and gives the possibility to resonate with your body. It can be a sensual, spiritual and aleviating experience.

    In contrast to probably a lot of fellow fapstronauts, I believe that an abstinence to masturbation lasting a period of over a week is unhealthy and could lead to a lower libido (and prostate problems). Masturbating once or twice a week should be part of a circular flow of a healthy and balanced body. Keep in mind, this is just my oppinion.

    Now the reason I got back on the nofap forum (first time was 2016), is the fact that lately I've not been in my healthy circular flow. The amount of PMO has amassed to maybe 4-6 times a day, and I think we can agree that I got a lil problem.

    A big part of it is loneliness. Not only am I on a dry spell (no dates for about two months), I've also lost a few friends, my job and Covid-19 isn't making it easier. Most of the day I watch youtube videos, listen to music or hang out in the park. I've gained weight (5 kg, not muscles) and so I got a new gym membership and started dabbling in HIIT training a little.

    Aaaand thats why i wanna get back on track with my love life, because the neediness has turned me into a shadow of my former self. I can't even approach a pretty girl in the supermarket (or even normal places like a bar lol). Normal sexual desires are important for good self-esteem and I've noticed that I'm becoming a "nice guy": insecure, high pitched voice, complaining, ass kissery... and so on. It also affects my social life, because less people want to hang out with me.

    On this thread, I plan to tell the story of my life, how i came to be who I am and what I am doing at the moment, kind of like a blog. Of course the focus is on porn abstinence and masturbating less, but since everything in life is connected you will hear of my dating life and my other successes/current life events, which are linked to less porn consumption and a healthy, high self-esteem.

    Maybe this is even motivation for others to take a grip on their lives.


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    P.S. if there is a special designated column or section for this type of thread, it would be good, if somebody could tell me, where I can post it on. Thx :)
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    Welcome back! Wishing you success in finding the right balance that works for you. It's clear to me that there can be some advantages to keeping M going in moderation, though I'm personally still in a long streak without it. Good luck.
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    By the way I'm not aware of a section for this particular approach, but it would make sense to me in the section with journals (Reboot Logs). https://forum.nofap.com/index.php#reboot-logs.8 :)
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    My Childhood and Adolescence

    I grew up in a small village in Bavaria close to Regensburg, which is north of Munich. When translated in English, the name of my village (Viehhausen) literally means "Cattleville". And oh did it smell like cows and pigs. My parents were both musicians, and so I grew up with a lot of classical music. I didn't have that many friends, most of the time I would do homework and practice the piano (at least 2h a day), before the day was over.

    My first contact with porn was during 6th grade. We all had these cool nokias and swipe sony eriksson phones (if anyone remembers the early '10s). Bluetooth was the new thing and we used it to secretly pass around porn on our phones. I also used my prepaid cash on my cellular to download sex flash games. I was about 12 at this time and I've always been kind of a late bloomer, I didn't even know about the great "5 vs Willy game" then.
    I still remember my very first porn: It was a harcore anal movie without any classical buildup or narrative; just hardcore big cock fast pace anal sex. And I remember watching this and other videos on the bus after school. It turned me on a lot and I thought it was cool having a boner. It made me feel manly.
    At that very early stage I was already trashing my brain with the wrong stuff and it took me a long time of realization to change my life.

    My second great encounter with porn was during a class skiing trip in the austrian alps during 7th grade. My class was a boys only class and I wanna stress here that mixed classes are better for both girls and boys to develop better social skills and empathy. So what do you do with 5 other pubertary pre-ejaculating boys in the dormitory instead of sleeping at night? You watch lesbian porn! That's how I learned about xnxx and all the other websites. So now I had a greater arsenal at hand and began exploring all the different types of porn tags; fake boobs was a must and you could combine that with all the other interesting stuff like origin of the model, teacher porn, pizza with extra sausage (y'all know what I'm saying). For a kid growing his first pube it was awesome.

    At some point early on I made a sport of masturbating multiple times a day. I thought its important to practice for sex. I jerked off to everything: posters of a flute player from my favourite metal band, bra models on magazines and volleyball players butts etc. It became a habit.

    The only true friend I had during the early stages of my life, was my neighbour. I focused my entire free time on him. It was selfish, because he had so many videogames and I mostly came to play and watch TV, cuz my parents were against that kind of entertainment. He had cancer twice. Since the first chemo therapy hadn't fully worked out, he was sent to a special clinic, where they basically took out all of his bone marrow from the spine and implanted some of his sisters bone marrow into him. His liver, lungs and other organs couldn't operate correctly anymore, because of the after effects of the second chemo therapy. He had had several lung collapses, so one day he told me that if he had another one, he wouldn't make it. The doctors wouldn't be able to save him because they had operated his chest to much already. I was 17 when he died.
    I remember not feeling anything the entire time and I wanted to hide away from his family. Even at the funeral I couldn't look at the picture of his face, trying to hold back tears.

    After his death it wasn't the same. I wen't on a six month exchange student program to france. It was a cool time, but I got a new laptop from my dad and I got addicted to league of legends and PMO'd at least 5 times a day. So many girls in my class were interested in me and I just didn't give them a chance. Didn't even know they were there. I would literally stick at home after school all the time and play video games and wank.

    It god so bad, at some point it dawned on me that I had a serious problem. The porn I watched had to be rougher and rougher. My penis felt so numb. Some girls from my german class visited me and - as they later told me - one particular girl had been nonstop talking about me during the entire ride to France. We through a home party that night. And what happens when you get drunk? Your real ugly personality comes out. I was needy and insecure, scared of making a move. Looking back at that night, there definetely was chemistry in the air. she - let's call her Anna - stood at the door smoking a jay and offered it to me. I had my arm halfway around her, hovering in mid-air over Anna's shoulders. God, she was so hot! I denied the jay and pulled away my arm. It became even more awkward, when later in the kitchen, they tried to talk us into making out openly and then she left into her guest's room. I ran after her and knocked at her door, she told me to piss off.
    The next day the boys told me she was crazy about me and asked me why I didnt seize the oportunity. "you have to show her how much you like her", I thought. So I behaved creepily in her presence, always sitting down next to her, putting my arm around her but never touching her. leaning into her but never saying anything. breathing down her neck. it's pretty icky, but, you know, also a part of my journey and who I was.

    When I returned to Germany and saw Anna again in school, I was devastated to see that she had a BF!!! It felt like a bullet in my heart. Pang!
    Masturbated a lot after that experience, to fight off the pain in my needy little heart.

    Well, what can I say. Next year I was in a new class and she graduated, so I never saw her again... or so I thought????

    Stay tuned.
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  6. Hello and welcome :)

    You know the funny thing in life (and the best thing about it) is that people can have different opinions and lifestyles and still be happy with life.

    Good luck with your goals. :)
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    Childhood & Adolescence (Part 2):
    The last two years of school were a pain in the butt, but I graduated with a solid grade point average because my grades in music were pretty high.
    During this time I was fully aware of the problems I had with PMO and I struggled trying to ged rid of it. The problem with porn is, it's a great drug you use when you feel lonely, sad or bored. And at the beginning of the term in September 2015 I started out in a new age group and knew nobody. I felt too old, like I wouldn't synergize with these kids.

    I was still very naive, didn't listen to advice and was unaware of my social awkwardness. Usually people would become interested in me, but as soon as I opened my mouth I lost my charm. Desperately I tried to make friends, but the rejection made me get in my head even more until I developed a serious low self-esteem. I looked in the mirror and thought I am ugly and not worth loving. I thought I am fat and I didn't know what to do. It felt like the world is against me and I thought about suicide, but could never bring up the courage to do it. My parents were of course very loving and worried, but never realized the full extent of my feelings. I'm just realising as I'm writing this, I haven't felt this in ages anymore. It was agonizing. Thinking nobody will ever like or love you and thinking you were the chosen one to be hated. The thing is hate is always reflection of selfhate and I never fully had understood that. Every day I'd come home from school feeling bad; I'd eat lunch, practice the piano, do sports, hoework and go to sleep. Again and again. The rare events I went to, I always got drunk and embarassed myself.

    At some point it couldn't go on like that anymore, so I gave my brother my iPhone and told him to password-lock all pornsites away, so I didn't have acces to porn anymore. Maybe I should do it again! Haha. My libido and energetic drive skyrocketed! I started noticing girls in my classroom, who before I'd ignored. I also made new friends who helped me. One of them - let's call him Juan - was doing this thing called "cold approaching" and encouraged me to try it out myself some time. We walked down a street in my hometown city center. A hot girl was walking maybe 50m in front of us. Juan just ran up to her, talked to her and got her number. I was baffled. In my world something like that was impossible, I was way to scared to pull that of. Still the thought didn't let me go. If I could do the same, just walk up to a girl and ask her out, I'd prove to myself that I'm not a looser and I deserved to be loved! So the next weeks and days passed by. I was extremely scared and shy. Started by practicing eye contact with the girls in class. I'd just stare at them if they looked at me and tried to hold that even if my brain told me not to.

    One day I noticed this girl in school who looked at me as she passed by in the break. So I went to my friends and told them: "In the next lunchbreak I will approach this girl and ask her out. you guys better hold me accountable!" There were those that didn't believe I could do it, but Juan was there and I wanted to show him I could.
    Next break, I had already forgotten my promise, but Juan reminded me. The others made jokes. And I still remembered it like it was yesterday: staggering towards her, shivering, this virgin of a man somehow made it to her. I spluttered out some rehearsed words, asked her how she was doing etc. She was super shocked, I think nobody had ever walked up to her before. And then she of course rejected me. It was super awkward. But I was happy I did it. Felt like a king.

    Towards the end of my school time Juan introduced me to another friend who was experienced with so-called "Game" and together we formed the new inner circle in our hometown. To those who don't know, an Inner Circle is basically a group of PickUp-Artists. They meet up like in selfhelp groups and not only talk about their experiences, but also give seminars on how to get laid, how to seduce and how to work on your self-image ("Inner Game"). The way the Inner Circles are structured there is a kind of a network from town to town. In every big city you can bet there is an Inner Circle.
    Soon enough more people joined us and I think right now there are probably between 60-100 members. All kinds of people joined. Some, experienced and charismatic. Others really desperate, needy 30 year-olds. Some boasted about their experiences and saw women as trophies. Others were just focused on developing their personality and living la vida loca. Political correctness however was seen as harmful to your game. The narrative was, that you had to become an alpha male, who leads people and doesn't get pulled down from mainstream brainwash and hollywood stories. I now know, that there are certain truths in the PickUp-Community, that many people aren't ready to accept, but there is also a lot of bullshit and you need to learn to differenciate.

    My primary goal was to loose my virginity as fast as possible, because I was already twenty and wanted to be able to tell some crazy stories. Watching Porn was a no-go. Instead, you were encouraged to go to the gym, eat healthily and do game 24/7. There is "daygame", which means cold-approaching and "nightgame", which means meeting girls in clubs/bars etc. We had our own language or jargon. Beginners followed a step-by-step guide on how to talk to a girl on the street from approach to close. Now many people would say, that's stupid, you're just saying lines, it's creepy in broad daylight, it's manipulation etc. To them I say this: if you have no confidence, you can fake confidence. Cuz how else are you gonna start? by staying home and continuing a miserable life? Also, if you judge other people's efforts to meet somebody (no matter how bad it is), what does that say about you?

    In another post on this thread I will give you more in-depth acount of what it was like being in inner circles, what techniques we were taught and my personal oppinion on the matter.

    Overall my life still remained pretty pathetic despite my efforts to get laid and have dates, until I moved to Berlin and started my internship at a lawfirm. Would say at the time, my biggest succes was assgrinding in the club, really felt like a man that night hahaha. I had no clue about women and had sort of replaced my porn addiction with PickUp.

    But it would all change. Stay tuned.
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    My early life in Berlin a.k.a. life as an intern

    After graduation I had no clue as to what I wanted to be nor what sort of job would fulfill me. Because I was a very naive and lazy person, I didn't want to give it much thought. The reason is, the idea of moving out and getting a life can be terrifying. In my case I just didn't want to leave my comfort zone. My father was the type of person who didn't take shit from anybody and always tried to kick my butt, telling me how lazy I was and that I'll never become a respectable person if I can't get my shit done. Obviously he also pressured me into looking for job offers or a Uni.
    At the time, this is what my day would look like: Get up, go to school til noon or afternoon (5 pm), then come home, practice the piano (my dad also kicked my ass to do that), study, go to bed. Any chance I had, I used to escape reality, by either watching porn or youtube. Now because my dad had told me I'd make a great lawyer with my good memory, I decided to just look for possible places to study law on the internet and Berlin was a good option. Big city, good Unis, possibilities. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. It was the ultimate escape from the boring life in Cattleville.
    Since my parents couldn't fully support me financially though, I needed to look for a job and - upon the advice of my uncle - decided to get a job as an intern at a law firm, in order to get work experience and prepare for my legal studies later on. Much happened during these 3 years of training and sometimes I think that internship was a complete waste.
    My boss hated me and I hated her, but I didn't want to change the work place, because the pay was above average and she was in the German Chamber of Lawyers (didn't want her to badmouth me in front of other potential employers).

    When you move out from your parents', it's always with excitement and fear simultaneously. You are leaving the crib and have to stand your ground in the world. And if you grew up under mommy's skirt, you will learn the sheer unforgivableness of the cold reality out there. It's like leaving the Matrix. Most people do not want to get woke and cling on to the past. That's why they create a new bubble so they can hide away from the ugly truth. And that's what I did. The first six months in Berlin were an extreme cut between my old life and the new one. I didn't have my piano, did no sports, had no friends and no hobbies.

    It depressed me. I came late to work all the time, ate junk for lunch and PMO'd at least twice every day. Sometimes I couldn't sleep because of the psychosomatic stress panic from work. It was completely overwhelming. And i was a little bit of a pussy, too. Everyday I hid away in my room after work.

    Weeks and months passed. I called my parents often, lamenting my decision and telling them how much I hated my job. Little did I know, how much I lacked in respect, work ethic, team spirit and actual respect of women specifically.

    I moved into a flat with five other dudes the day before my internship began. None of us knew eachother. We were/are people of different walks of life. Some were/are ghetto, others posh suburbian kids, some were latinos, others german, african (equatorial guinea), russian, u name it. Our flat was much more of a dirty hole, than it is today. We didnt even have light bulbs and internet. But we were lonely and so we kinda got along. This flat introduced weed to me and also other drugs were taken here. I never took any hard drugs, except for once and it wasn't good, and I'm paranoid about drugs so I don't persue the matter. Kids, don't do drugs!

    For the record tho, people smoke weed in Berlin on a daily basis. It has the same status here as beer.

    At some point, probably around winter 2017, I decided I couldn't go on with this life. I was incredibly needy and in search of some hot love a.k.a. ultimate devirgination. So I pulled some strings and was accepted into the facebook and whatsapp groops of the Berlin Inner Circle. Since I was a very scared person, I needed a wingman to hold my back and to push me. So everyday after work I met some people on Alexanderplatz or Kurfürstendamm. They were likeminded, striving Pickup Artists and together we would push eachother to make "sets", which in PickUp-Speak means cold-approaching a hot girl on the street. After a while I started getting numbers and it felt pretty awesome, even if she never texted back. It was a constant rush of adrenaline and made me feel manly. It fed my Ego.

    Then I got a gym membership and started working out. Except from my work environment, things were progressing. I even started having dates. My flatmates helped me with my clothing style, grooming and taught me selfrespect. My PickUp Friends pushed me and made me brave. They had connections to awesome people, I got invitations for rooftop parties with champagne and went to fetish parties. I got some sexy pics shot and downloaded Tinder. Life was getting more entertaining. And still, I didn't get laid.

    I remember, on one occasion I was at a club with a friend of mine. I had watched a video from RSD before (at the time they still did PickUp coaching and self development) about Night Game, which means "the art of laying a girl from the club or in the club". What I wanted to focus on that night, was having a good time and getting to know everybody in the venue. German people are notorious for being cold and antisocial people. The thing nobody gets, is that they still have feelings, they still wanna have sex and you just have to have a different approach. It's weird for us Germans to socialize with people we don't know, especially in public places. So you need to adjust to the situation and show them, your intentions are good (if you wanna get to know them). Humor and smiling helps.
    That night I felt confident and outcome independent. I simply danced with everybody and didn't care much if they wanted me to or not. Do you know how girls have this habit of dancing in circles with their friends and not letting anybody in? There is of course a reason for that. They don't want any douchebags to try creeping up on them (the caveman). But at the same time they love the "chode crystals", the attention from all the dudes around them.
    Well, I didn't give a damn that night and just jumped into the middle of the girls circles, dancing my tits off and pirouetting some enthusiastic dancefloor princesses. A while later two girls walked up to me in the smoking room and the hotter one asked me "heyyyyy, why did you just leave us before on the dancefloor? We wanted to invite you to have a tequila with us"
    I grinned and told her "well ain't nuttin' stoppin us from doin' it now".
    And then we had a tequila.
    And then my friend came and I asked him to help me by "taking over" the other girl. And so he did.
    I stood infront of this hot beauty, she was so curvy. We talked a little and since I like saying silly things, I said a lot of silly things. And I told her that her breasts were smaller than my mom's. She said, that's impossible, and sucked in her belly to make her bosom seem bigger. They looked at me, and I just couldn't help myself, so I touched them and knead them a bit as if trying to assess if they truly were as big as she said.
    Anyway, she laughed and gave me soft slap on the cheek, which kinda turned me on there. Not gonna lie. Then she decided we needed another shot of tequila, so we said goodbye to my friend and her friend and went to the bar, where there was less exposure. We stood in a corner. While she ordered the drinks, I slowly ground her bottom from behind and she ground back. It was pretty awesome, not gonna lie. Then she turned around and asked me if I can pay the shots this time and I said "Only if I get something in return."
    "And what's that?", she asked. And then I just had to kiss her passionately.
    Well, what can I say. The rest of the evening was fun. We danced more on the floor and I was to young and naive to have taken the few logical next steps. But that's how life teaches you a lesson. I certainly could've had sex that night with a hot girl from the club (which to me at the time would have meant a dream come true). But I did nothing except dancing and making out. At some point she got bored and pushed me away and ignored me.

    The next day, her friend called me and told me to lay off. Apparently that girl was engaged to someone and had two freshly born twin babies with her soon-to-be husband. Things can happen in clubs. I'm kinda happy today I didn't know any better that night. The girl turned out to be a bit crazy. She somehow got hold of my number and started calling me after that, so I had to block her. She was looking for a sidekick, because of recent fights she had with her dude.

    I'll write more about funny or curious or even crazy events that happened to me (esp. my love life).
    That's it for now. Stay tuned for the continuation.
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    Crazy or memorable moments of my life Part 1: First date in Berlin

    This happened to me about three years ago, when I first got to Berlin. I was new and didn't know anybody, I was a loud, overly cocky and proud virgin who thought he's great with women and pretended to have the biggest nuts on planet earth. I was that type of guy you'd watch in videos doing these comfort zone challenges or pranks. I planked face down on the floor in shopping malls for several minutes, I sang loudly in the bus and talked to strangers.
    During this time I started checking out online dating apps. I had about five or six of them on my phone, profiles with the worst pictures and bios and was basically just trying to get laid.
    Some replied, others didn't. Some would text with you for ages but you'd never meet up. Others would ask you to watch and donate to their cam shows etc. Y'all know what I'm talkin about.

    Anyway, i tried out this new App called "Berlin singles" and there was this cute girl called Liz. She was the only other 20 year old on the app hahaha all others were seriously old
    So I texted her up with some cheesy pickupline, she then told me she's sick and i responded she should drink tea blablabla
    She what what we're gonna do on the date and i was like "can't tell you, don't wanna spoil the surprise", she then asked what exactly and i responded sth like "passionately kissing and getting seduced maybe?". I thought I was such a player.
    But we still met up, think it was November. I picked her up at the U Bahn station and we went to the Monkey Bar. For those who havent been to Berlin, it's this super touristy rooftop bar with expensive cocktails, sort of hipstery and super extra. She was hungry so she ordered some sweet potato fries and a beer. I went for a gin tonic. As we talked and slowly got to know eachother, we found out that we were from the same hometown in Bavaria, which totally broke the ice! we also became a bit touchy which is always a good sign.

    After leaving the first bar, I did NOT lead her straight to my crib and bend her over, nay, I thought this is a date, I need to see more bars!
    So we went to this gay bar, were my flatmate worked, and we got free drinks which was cool. My flatmate's girl friend at the time sat there with her friend so we joined them and had a little conversation. I thought everything was goin perfect. I felt so good, sitting there with an attitude and three girls and the alcohol was doing its magic.
    Everything was goin fine until I started badmouthing my flatmate to his girlfriend about how narcissistic he is, which of course she told him right away. When I came back from the toilet my flatmate pulled me aside and verbally handed me my ass. Shook, I went back to the girls and slumped into my chair. We finished our drinks and then finally I took my date to my place.

    She told me she was hungry, and I had nothing in my fridge, not even a bottle of wine or something. No preparation. The only thing I had was cherry tomatoes, which I offered to her. She then revealed she had cellulitis or some other kind of skin desease which prevented her from touching any sort of acids, so she asked me if I could cut the tomatoes for her (because apparently tomatoes have slightly acidic surfaces or something). Well, I told her I'd do it for a kiss (which is a bold but also kinda good move) and she said okay. But then I messed it up by looking into her eyes in a creepy, sheepish manner and said "Let's see how good you are at it!". Disgusted she pushed me away and I silently chopped her some cherry tomatoes.

    We then went into my room, sat down on my bed and smoked a jay, sry ahem... we ate a big sandwhich. man, she really knew how to make a good sandwhich.
    I kept thinking to myself "when do I kiss her? how do I make a move". So I kind of wiggled my hand around her shoulders and at some point just went in without a warning. Of course she pulled away and then she said I wasn't her type. If you hear that a lot, guys, it doesn't always mean the same.

    Despite my behaviour and all of the weird mishaps during this date, she decided to spend the night in my bed with me. Not in the biblical way, mind you, but the platonic way. She literally told me she does it all the time with her friends. Then she undressed before me and put on a fresh pair of my pyjamas. I was so perplex, like, what is this?
    And then we lay there, sharing comforters and she without a warning started wrapping her arms around my torso in a reverse spoon position. Man, I had the boner of a lifetime, but I didn't move or do anything because I was so nervous and kept thinking "she does this with her friends, so this means nothing." Yep, that's so dumb, it hurts.
    At 4 o clock in the morning I got up and went for a leak. When I came back she then suddenly got up and went out. Me, not thinking anything of it, I climbed back into bed and all of a sudden felt something wet on the sheets.

    I quickly turned on the lights and saw to my horror that she had vomited on my bed. True. Story. Liz came back in and said sorry for what had happened. I quickly changed the sheets, she left on the next morning.

    Now you'd think that this story is over, I'd learned a lesson and moved on with life, wouldn't you? Well the answer is: nay. Here's why: She forgot her lighter at my flat :eek:
    And that lighter was special to her. So she made me meet her again. We took a stroll to the park and I strongly suspect that this was when she felt a tingling. Because I felt free and not like I had to prove anything (we were friends now right?). So she probably saw my "true self". also over text I called her my little pukebear (that doesnt translate well).

    Liz invited me to her homeparty. Now on that same day me and my flatmates could've gone to a) a friend's legendary houseparty in a rooftop or b) a legendary studentparty at the Uni for Technology (TU), but my friends decided to trust me and go to Liz's apartment with me. We traveled to the far western end of Berlin, more like the outskirts of the outskirts, and when we arrived there, there were only four people there. So that was a disappointment.
    Then one of the girls turned out to be this crazy crackpot who wanted to make out with all of us but was turned down (for obvious reasons). We played truth or dare and I had to kiss my best friend, so there you go, that happened. It was all weird, and than we became tired and decided to leave. The boys were super pissed at me.
    Liz pulled me into her kitchen and tried to make out with me, but I just felt like I should go. And that was the last time I ever talked to her. I never responded her texts and invitations ever again. man, that was weird.

    So I guess today's lesson is: don't meet people over "Berlin singles"
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    I have reported my thread to have it moved to the Off-Topic Discussion section. So if you can't find it anymore, it should be there.

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