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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Uisig, May 11, 2017.

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    I bet most of you are trying out NoFap for the superpowers - health, power, confidence... Others do it just to prove themselves that they are able to hold a week without touching their banana. But not many actually think about the reasons and the entire process.

    Addiction is not what you think it is. All of your decision are based on your emotions. This won't lead you anywhere. You become vulnerable not only about your bad habit, but in other scenarios as well.

    You are weak! There is no difference between you and an animal - both can be tricked with food(or any other tempting thing). Step up your game. You have to aim to become a Superhuman, aim for being flawless, aim for being rational. The thing which makes us greater than animals is that we have WILLPOWER. You aren't going to achieve anything in life if you are ready to waste your precious time for bullshit, for things which won't reward you in any way in the future. You have a brain, use it.

    Emotions are your biggest enemy - you will be lied, you will be heartbroken, you will be lonely, sad, depressed. STOP! Nobody gives a fuck about you and this is how life works. Even the kindest gift has a hidden intention for self-reward. If somebody loves you is because you fit in their list of traits which turns them on or you make them feel good and not because you are special like you imagine. The focus of a person's behavior is always on them. Remember that. But you will say: " What about the good emotions? ". There is no good or bad emotion - it's only your brain triggering those chemicals when you get what you want or don't get what you want and this is why religion and idea of absolute happiness is absurd. Just like you were before coming to this world, you will be the same after death. Blackout, yeah. Life has no point, yes, but this doesn't mean that you can't live it proud of being a human and not an animal.

    Addicted people are people who are too emotional and simply don't want to use what they are given (willpower). Don't be okay with just not touching your snake. Instead, set yourself very high goals and work hard to achieve them. As long as you control yourself you can help the development of the humanity, be remembered in history - this is how you live forever, trust me, you will be proud of your contribution you have given to the world when you die and quit this place in peace.

    TL;DR If you aren't able to read this text, how are you going to hold your urges?

    /repost from my post on Reddit/
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    Great nihilistic rant.


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    And that's the show, folks. If you only seek some weird beta male reward you'll never get anywhere with NoFap. Hands out of your pants, and get some ambition and direction. Stop all this "superpower" shit. You wanna know how you get superpowers? By coming someone else.

    By becoming...something else.
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    reddit? whos the addict? :D
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