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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Stephen1195, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. Stephen1195

    Stephen1195 Fapstronaut

    Today I want to change.
    I'll be doing it the hard way but it'll be for the better.
    This time, I won't succumb to temptation.
    No matter what.

    I may have failed before but this time,
    this time I'll make sure I win this.

    To all my fellow fapstronauts,
    Pls help me.

    Guide me when I seem lost and about to be taken over.
    Of course let us all be here for one another

    Let this thread be a journey.
    A journey of emotions we experience
    And a journey of hopes to give light to a brighter day.

    Everything may seem small at the start,
    But miles ahead, I see a new lease on life.

    Let us celebrate every milestone we reach.
    And to my fellow fapstronauts who might have to go back again,
    We won't leave you.

    Take it slowly
    'cause the road sure is bumpy.
    And when you happen to pass by another fellow,
    Take them along with you.

    Let it be a meaningful ride.

    Someday we'll look back at this.
    And to realize how far we've been,
    Life sure is a journey.

    We'll look back at our struggles,
    We'll look back at our sadnesses,
    We'll look back at our pains,
    All those become memories of the past by then
    And then we'll be happy we took this road.
    And we learned so much lessons.

    Let's do this!
  2. Stephen1195

    Stephen1195 Fapstronaut

    So today I've reset my timer. I was inspired to make a sort of unified help thread and I wanted to have a very emotional poem in it but I'm a bad poet. I just can't express myself well with words T___T

    Someday I'll also look bad at this thread and realize how much I changed for the better ^^


    To anyone who could improve the poem above, I'll be very happy to credit you :)
    Poets, it's your time to shine!~
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  3. ADC

    ADC Fapstronaut

    That's a cool poem. I won't try to improve it, I suck at writing poems aha.
  4. iamnowfree

    iamnowfree Fapstronaut

    I love your poem. Thumbs up!... :cool: May i use small part of your poem for my signature? Its motivating me
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  5. Stephen1195

    Stephen1195 Fapstronaut

    Thanks! Same. But I still believe this poem is open for improvements >.>

    For real xD ? Sure *checks the siggy* I love that part too :) and thanks!

    I'm not really a poet guys >.> You could say, I'm definitely more of an artist than a writer.
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  6. great poem!! it gets me thinking.

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