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    As members and saints, let us carefully watch our thoughts !!

    Let us first watch ourselves, thoughts do matter! Watch your thoughts. Do not give place for the enemy of your soul and mine!

    Pondering scripture is a good way to think about something that is useful and gets other things out of the mind. Singing hymns was also suggested by President Packer long ago: (link)

    I followed this counsel. I would like to bear testimony to all of you and the whole world that It Worked! My chosen hymn 10 years ago really helped me. It brought me closer to the Lord. It helped me carry a prayer in my heart, it helped me to grow spiritually, it helped me to know better how to love the Lord with more of my heart, and to see that it was possible to fulfill the commandment to love him with our ALL. I'm not there yet, but striving and I know these will work for anyone, as lost of a soul as I assure you I was. No better than Alma the Younger, I promise you. Speaking of him...

    From the Book of Mormon, we can learn that part of bridling passions is to not be idle. There is a true principle in this. If you are battling PMO, then fill up your schedule. Do not be idle. I promise, it can work for you since it works for me :)
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  2. I agree with it all. One of my go to strategies is listening to Neil A. Maxwell on YouTube. I find him calming and reassuring. If you were just like Alma The Younger, I was definitely Corianton in many ways...but The Lord is merciful and awesome!
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  3. You share a lot of wisdom VXLCCM. Thank you.

    I attended a LDS 12 Step programme but none of us knew why each other was in attendance. I'm new to NoFap and what I like about it so far is that we are all here (generally) for the same thing/addiction/struggle. I too would like to bear my testimony to the whole world about how merciful God is and how much of a trap PMO is but I'm not ready to go public, like Alex and many other have. Nor am I about to disclose at church about my addiction. I find some members are happy to disclose how they overcame alcohol and drug use and they seem to get good support. It would e like dropping a bomb to come out and say, 'I'm struggling with PMO and I know the Lord still loves me.' So yeah, very grateful to have discovered fellow LDS in the same struggle as I. :emoji_fist:
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  4. I was fortunate to have been able to go to a 12 step program for addiction to PMO that my stake put on. It was great to be so open about it and it helped a lot. It was instrumental in helping me overcome P 10 years ago. I’m here on NoFap to overcome MO. Still struggling with it but it is becoming less frequent so I’ll count that as progress.

    One thing that I learned in that 12 step group was that addiction to PMO is a lot more common in the church than I realized. I think I remember them saying that somewhere between 30-40% of members had issues with PMO and those were the ones that had confessed doing it.

    NoFap has definitely helped me. I hope you can find similar success here. Take care!
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  5. Thanks for your comment. I’d like to redo the 12-step programme but am scared to initiate this. We’ll see what 2020 brings.

    Yes, I hear there are many LDS struggling with PMO. I read somewhere that Utah was one of the most frequent users of online P. Not sure how true that is.

    I think I’d enjoy and benefit from participating in another LDS 12 -step programme, just too shy to start.
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    It is true that Utah has the most online porn searches; As to how many porn users, hard to say. Probably not the most people using porn at any given time. But I'd feel comfortable saying Utah has the most people addicted to porn and want to quit.
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  7. If only Byron Wiscombe had watched his thoughts … wait, he did watch his thoughts and lot more according to the courts. I feel for the victims. The abused and his family. Nothing compares to discovering that someone you’ve trusted has sunk as low as sexual crime.

    If anyone reading this is doing anything that God forbids towards their family or others, STOP and confess to your Bishop IMMEDIATELY.

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